The Creativity of Benetti’s M/Y Domani

how to transform a 45-meter yacht into a 60-meter

The profile of the new M/Y Domani results from an intense journey spent in close contact with the owner. Shapes and proportions reflect the need for larger and larger outdoor spaces. In fact, since M/Y Domani is the fifth unit built by the owner with Benetti, he wanted to increase available spaces without passing 500 gross tons. Therefore, a main design and construction goal was to stay under that figure yet still offer space comparable to a 60-meter yacht. It was truly challenging for the shipyard, perfectly achieved in the end thanks to introducing various elements.

For external spaces, for instance, the designer used smart solutions. They include the fold-out balcony, the transformable beach area, and the veranda on the sun deck with rotating glass. All of these allow varying use of space aboard M/Y Domani. Higher versatility means better use of space, hence the feeling of being on a larger yacht. There’s everything you expect without needing the additional room.

Benetti M/Y Domani running

Other elements are the windows and glazing. These enhance the natural light inside and the view towards the sea. The hull’s side windows, the main-saloon glazing, the upper-deck sliding door, and the rotating door on the sun deck veranda together let M/Y Domani make her owner and guests feel in full contact with the environment.

Great solutions are also inside. Studio Galeazzi, which created the interior design, introduced a few innovative concepts, such as the use of loose furniture. The beds, for example, instead of being built in, are custom-made, providing more space for storage, which is ideal for long cruises.

All these “tricks” were necessary, since the owner loves to navigate and take full advantage of his yacht. He has a clear philosophy: never lose contact with the sea and with all the other guests onboard. This influenced his decision to not ask for a large vessel and to prefer a 45-meter. Benetti successfully realized his wishes, additionally giving him and his guests maximum comfort.

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