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Megayacht News enjoys strong, continuous growth year after year. It conducts independently tabulated reader surveys on a yearly basis to ensure it is delivering the right information at the right time. Few other yachting media, whether Web-only companies or both print and Web, take this approach.

The latest reader survey, conducted in August 2014, reveals several impressive facts. For the sixth year in a row, readers overwhelmingly rate Megayacht News higher than other websites in terms of quality, originality, and timeliness of content:

  • 53 percent of readers have been loyal visitors for three years or longer, with 21 percent of them reading since day one
  • 44 percent have contacted a yacht builder, designer, or other firm as a result of reading an article on MegayachtNews.com, with an additional 11 percent planning to do so
  • 88 percent would recommend the site to a friend, with 59 percent of them saying they are very likely to do so
  • 93 percent plan to continue visiting the site regularly, with 78 percent of them saying they are very likely to do so



Megayacht News e-newsletter

Each month, MegayachtNews.com produces an email newsletter (see image) with additional original content not found on the website. Sent to readers on an opt-in basis, it enjoys unprecedented success*:

  • more than 1,000 subscribers
  • 42 percent open rate over the past year; by comparison, the average publishing-oriented email newsletter has an 18 percent open rate
  • an overall 39 percent open rate since the first newsletter was sent in 2007

Due to our far higher-than-average results, Constant Contact has named us as a Constant Contact All-Star for three consecutive years. All Star status is granted to less than 10 percent of the 500,000 small businesses using its services.


* source: Constant Contact, September 2014

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