Blohm+Voss BV80 Being Built for 2018 Debut

A year after she was unveiled, the first semi-custom megayacht from Blohm+Voss is under construction. The BV80 began build for one simple notion: to reduce delivery time in a size range where upwards of three years is the norm. And, since construction is on spec, there’s abundant time to acquire her and customize the interior. Continue reading

Boom! World’s Biggest Superyacht Boom

Dozens of articles chronicle the world’s largest yachts. But what about parts of yachts? They, too, deserve attention. This is particularly true for parts that make the yacht’s performance possible. When it comes to sailing superyachts, M5—or, rather, her boom—reigns supreme. Nearly 92 feet (28 meters) long, the boom is bigger than some motor- and Continue reading

Vard 1 – 08 Kilkea: Sir Shackleton Would Be Proud

Superyacht buyers seeking a boat truly suited to rugged explorations may be intrigued by a conversion project available for sale. She’s referred to as “Vard 1 – 08 Kilkea,” and she’s intended to cruise weeks at a time away from shore. “Vard” is the shipyard where the partially built 268-footer (81.7-meter) is currently lying. Vard Continue reading