Megayacht News Onboard: Cheers 46, Benetti Veloce 140

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Cheers 46, the first Benetti Veloce 140, marks the Italian yard’s entry into fast displacement territory, or what Benetti terms Displacement to Planing (D2P). In brief, the hull boasts the comfort and efficiency of a full-displacement design with the higher speeds of semi-displacement ones. Equally important, D2P fulfills clients’ requests for fuel efficiency at speeds higher than the norm, which would generally be in the low teens. Cheers 46, owned by repeat customers, combines all of this with the semi-custom approach characteristic of the Benetti Class range.

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Cheers 46 is powered by twin 3,460-hp MTU 12V 4000 M93L diesels, the largest set to date installed aboard a yacht built at Benetti’s Viareggio shipyard. She achieves a reported 12-knot cruise and top speeds exceeding 20 knots, plus is said to be about 30 percent more fuel efficient than a traditional planing yacht.

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Redman Whiteley Dixon created three decor packages for the Veloce 140: Air, Land, and Sea. Each is characterized by tones and textures meant to evoke specific sensations. Air, for example, which was selected by the brothers who own Cheers 46, is meant to look light and feel modern. Land has a classic, almost club-like feel, while Sea strikes middle grand between classic and modern decors.

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The owners brought João Armentano, a Brazilian architect and designer, in to collaborate on the interior. Tay, a tropical African wood more commonly called Koto, figures prominently aboard Cheers 46 in a light gray stain. Soles are mostly a darker-stained tabu, a wood type that counts ash, walnut, and others among its grouping. This modern, airy atmosphere gets heightened at the main-deck dining area due to nearly floor-to-ceiling ports.

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In an unconventional twist, Cheers 46 has a massive main-deck gym where you’d expect to find the master suite. The gym further benefits from a fold-out side terrace to starboard, which was added at their request. The brothers saw it, complete with a clear-glass insert, aboard the Benetti Classic Supreme 132 Petrus and liked it. A lot of work went into the gym. Initially it included a sauna and hot tub, both of which were removed toward the end of the build. The overhead heights had to be redone to accommodate the equipment (and people using it), too. The brothers did, however, retain a massage room to port.

Benetti 140 Veloce Cheers 46 3

Because of the gym’s location, the master suite and four guest staterooms are all below decks. The two VIPs and two twin staterooms are modest in size as a result, but don’t suffer from lack of space.

Benetti 140 Veloce Cheers 46 9

Double sets of stairs allow everyone to access the beach club aboard Cheers 46. Inside is a bar, running the length of the room, convenient for those lounging on the platform to grab a cool drink. More alfresco relaxation takes place on the sundeck, of course, with a hot tub, two additional bars, and plenty of TVs. The owners and their kids love to spend time up here watching football games and more. If the hot tub is too crowded, another one is situated at the bow. Alternately, a diving board can be set up on the main aft deck.

First steps into new territory can be risky, but Benetti did its homework with the D2P hull. It started with computational fluid dynamic studies, then scale-model tank tests. Not all yards perform the latter for new designs. The owners of Cheers 46 further benefitted from an existing relationship with the company, previously owning an Azimut 116. With three more Veloce 140s in build and a smaller Vivace 125 series debuting next year, Benetti is underscoring why it’s consistently among the busiest builders around.

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Shipyard Spotlight: Amels

AMELS-YARDWith three new-builds and three refits delivered in the first half of this year and at least one of each of its Limited Editions yachts in various stages of construction, Amels has enjoyed quite the past 12 months. With some of these Limited Editions builds well into the 272-foot (83-meter) range, the Dutch yard’s mix of a set technical platform and generous owner personalization is gaining more ground.

Since 2007, Amels has delivered nearly two dozen Limited Editions megayachts. Back then, the offerings started with the Amels 171, whereas now they start with the Amels 180 (below). Either way, it’s a high number of large-yacht deliveries for the time frame. Employing a proven engineering platform is a major reason why. It allows the Amels 180, for instance, to be delivered in 16 months’ time. Rob Luijendijk, Amels’ CEO, adds that this also “allows the owners to focus on customizing the ‘fun parts.’”

Interesting enough, those “fun parts” do sometimes include exterior structures, like adding balconies. Typically, owner input for yachts employing set technical platforms is limited to interior arrangements and decor. Luijendijk explains that Amels looks at customizing the Limited Editions on a case by case basis. Some buyers want big changes, he adds, so the management team evaluates whether the existing work volume can accommodate them, among other factors.


A few of the current Limited Editions in build are for repeat customers, too. “As long as you keep your clients happy with the quality and the promises you’ve made, you hope they come back and stay with the family,” Luijendijk says. When they do stay with the family and step up to a larger Limited Editions yacht, the volume afforded is impressive. The Amels 199, for example, has a gross tonnage of 1,075, whereas the Amels 212 has a gross tonnage of 1,574. Then consider the Amels 242 comes in at 1,725 gross tons, and the Amels 272, the biggest offering, has a 2,800 gross tonnage.

Will Amels introduce even larger Limited Editions yachts? “Which step will come after this, we don’t know,” Luijendijk explained to us this summer. Amels keeps an eye on market trends, of course, developing new projects accordingly with Tim Heywood Designs. “We will try to take the steps natural to fulfill the expectations of the client for the right quality, the right delivery date, and no surprises.”

Fulfilling those expectations extends to the Sea Axe Yacht Support boats it markets. (The Sea Axe projects are built by Damen Shipyards, Amels’ parent company. They serve as shadow boats for traditional white yachts.) Several weeks ago, Amels announced that the vessels can now come equipped with heli hangars, a request of clients. The four Sea Axe projects currently in build were commissioned prior to this announcement, but we do expect to see one in coming years with the new feature. You can see an animation of how the heli hangar works on Amels’ website.

Holland Jachtbouw Expansion and Construction Update

Holland-Jachtbouw-expansionWhile it’s one of the youngest megayacht yards in The Netherlands, Holland Jachtbouw stands shoulder to shoulder with other notable names from its home country. Established in the early 1990s to build traditional flat-bottom Dutch boats, Holland Jachtbouw has gone on to build prominent power and sailing pleasure yachts alike. About 125 people on average work at the yard, with nearly 90 of them being direct employees. Both of those figures should scale up in the coming months, however, due to the first phase of a shipyard expansion wrapping up soon.

The illustration above shows what Holland Jachtbouw’s waterfront will look like. Hall 1 already exists, finished in 2008. Hall 2 exists as well, though it’s being expanded from about 156 to 174 feet (48 to 53 meters) in length, to accommodate the ever-increasing LOAs of yachts. The shorter structure between Halls 1 and 2 is all-new, comprised of project offices. Also new is the glass-fronted area between Halls 2 and 3, housing additional project offices. They’ll have bird’s-eye views of the yachts under construction in both halls. Finally, Hall 3 itself is an all-new building. Hall 3 measures 197 feet long by 85 feet wide (60 by 26 meters, respectively), rising 61 feet (18.5 meters) high. It’s the last structure of the phase-one development to be started, and it should be finished prior to the new year. The three buildings line about 394 feet (120 meters) of deep waterfront in the city of Zaandam, outside of Amsterdam.

Holland Jachtbouw build number 095

The expansion of Holland Jachtbouw allows it to take on larger new builds and refits alike. During our visit in summertime, the sailing superyacht Asgard (ex-Hetairos) was in for work, expected to remain through this month. The 141-foot (43-meter) ketch was built in 1993 by Abeking & Rasmussen and has been undergoing extensive electrical and systems replacements as well as a redesign of the interior. As proof of the need for expansion, Asgard occupied nearly the full length of her shed. Shortly after our visit, build number 095 (above) arrived at the yard. Holland Jachtbouw is keeping most details about her close to the vest, though delivery is set for 2016.

Two new builds are among the first to take advantage of Holland Jachtbouw’s larger sheds. The first is a 151-foot (46-meter) sailing yacht designed by Tripp Design. The hull arrived in August (Holland Jachtbouw subcontracts its hulls, a practice common among Dutch yards). The second new build: a 167-foot (51-meter) schooner named Rainbow II that’s a replica of an 1897 build. She’s not yet at the yard, since the keel laying took place in early August. However, the hull should arrive next year, since delivery is set for 2016.

Perhaps the most anticipated new build, however, is J8, the latest J-Class yacht. She’s a Frank C. Paine design from 1935 that was never built. Delivery is set for springtime. J8’s original plans have been brought up to modern standards by Hoek Design. The firm, and Holland Jachtbouw, expect her to be a top-notch performer. J8 has the longest waterline of the Js, the highest keel aspect ratio, and the lowest wetted surface area.

1st Otam SD 35 Set for 2016 Debut

Otam-SD-35-sketch2Complementing its speed-oriented Millennium megayacht series, Otam is building the first hull of its semi-displacement Otam SD 35 series. The all-aluminum yacht is scheduled for delivery to her Italian owner in summer 2016. While only the initial sketches are being released for now, you can still glean some good details.

Otam is collaborating with Design Studio Spadolini for styling and interior design on the trideck project. Naval architecture is the joint effort of the yard’s in-house team and Umberto Tagliavini Marine Design & Services. If the latter isn’t familiar, it’s an established naval-architecture firm that has previously worked with CBI Navi, Rossinavi, Apreamare, Magnum Marine, and more. Umberto Tagliavini himself also worked directly for Otam in the late 1980s.

The all-aluminum Otam SD 35 measures 115’5” (35.2 meters) with a beam of 25’6” (7.8 meters). So far few interior-design details are known. The owner’s stateroom will be on the upper deck, quite a departure from the norm for this LOA. The Otam SD 35 is a semi-custom series, so buyers have the ability to arrange many areas as they wish. Eight guests plus six crew will also be housed aboard hull number one. With displacement at 295 gross tons, the Otam SD 35 is also voluminous for her size.


Performance-wise, the Otam SD 35 has, as mentioned above, a semi-displacement hull form. She should see a top end at one-third load of 22 knots under Caterpillar power. Most efficient cruise should be 12 knots, which will permit a range of 1,000 nautical miles. Her owner should therefore have no trouble visiting most areas in the Med aboard. That’s also due to draft being 7’2” (2.2 meters).

Otam, which markets stateside via Denison Yacht Sales, plans to launch this first SD 35 in May 2016, about a month prior to delivery. She’ll be classed to RINA.

CRN, Francesco Paszkowski Design Promoting 2 Projects

CRN-Francesco-Paszkowski-Design-Saramour-72m-80mLike most megayacht builders and designers these days, CRN and Francesco Paszkowski Design have a good idea of what tickles buyers’ fancy. Having collaborated on Saramour, delivered earlier this year, the two companies are seeking repeat success. CRN and Francesco Paszkowski Design therefore have 236- and 262-foot (72- and 80-meter, respectively) created with Saramour as a starting point.

The three megayachts, with Saramour in the foreground, are illustrated above. The two larger yachts, each six decks high, bear stylistic similarities to Saramour. Even though their full lengths are not displayed, looking at their little sister gives you a sense of how they appear. Note particularly rounded elements, large ports, and streamlined shapes that belie capacious interiors. Lamberto Tacoli, chairman and CEO of CRN, explains that both CRN and Francesco Paszkowski Design are striving for “timeless superyachts characterized by huge interior volumes which will be immediately recognizable across the globe.”

Both the 72- and 80-meter megayachts are open to customer customization, of course. CRN and Francesco Paszkowski Design imagine clients will want the most in-demand features today, such as beach clubs, balconies, and alfresco pools. In the case of the 72-meter, they even have a configuration including a private pool for the owners. Furthermore, that same model can have a two-level owner’s suite, accompanied by five guest suites. Everyone gets use of a sauna and gym, plus a massage area. The 41-foot (12.5-meter) beam should ensure all of these spaces are ample.

As for the 80-meter proposal, with a 44’3” (13.5-meter) beam, CRN and Francesco Paszkowski Design anticipate the buyer also wanting abundant private space. A full upper deck is therefore devoted to the owner, including an office, a gym, and a massage room. Five staterooms are set aside for guests, all on the main deck. They also get to enjoy three alfresco pools. To make the beach club more of a destination, Francesco Paszkowski Design will work with clients to incorporate permanent tropical plants.

For more information directly from CRN on either project, please fill in our contact form.