Calling All Citizen Scientists: SeaKeepers, Scripps Need You

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography is world-renowned for its contributions to ocean-related research. Imagine, then, if you could lend its scientists a helping hand, simply by offering use of your yacht. It’s possible, thanks to Scripps signing an agreement with the International SeaKeepers Society. While Scripps operates a fleet of research vessels, this agreement engages Continue reading

Vantage 86: New Catamaran From New Company

If all goes according to plan, the Vantage 86, a limited-edition catamaran series, will begin construction soon. And her creators at the newly formed Vantage Catamarans see a broader range of performance- and adventure-based cruisers to come. The Vantage 86 has been in development for some time. Multi-hull specialists Nigel Irens Design and Chedal Anglay Continue reading