PHOTO: Facebook/Oyster Yachts

Oyster World Rally: 31 Yachts, 30K Miles, 27 Months

Two sailing superyachts are among the nearly three dozen Oyster Yachts participating in the 2017-19 Oyster World Rally. While they’re at the very beginning of the voyage, they plan to complete an astounding 30,000-mile circumnavigation. The two sailing superyachts are Enso, an Oyster 825; and Karibu, an Oyster 885. Karibu is the champagne-colored yacht so Continue reading

Clearwater: Y.CO’s Way of Environmental Education

It’s in every owner’s and crewmember’s best interest to protect the waters upon which they cruise. A number of yachting industry companies share this view, too. Y.CO is among them, and it’s doing more than donating money. It’s created Clearwater, which will teach owners, crew, and even charter guests how to reduce the environmental impact Continue reading

PHOTO: Facebook/Global FinPrint

SeaKeepers Giving Owners Underwater Video Cameras

If you’ve seen recent marine documentaries, you may have marveled at underwater video footage of significant-size species like sharks and rays. Imagine, then, capturing similar footage yourself, from your very own yacht. The International SeaKeepers Society will make it happen. In fact, the organization will give you a free underwater video camera, to help it Continue reading