Dive Superyacht, PADI Course Tailored for Yacht Crew

Megayacht owners and guests who enjoy diving, or want to learn, now have a new option. Dive Superyacht’s program allows your PADI-certified crewmembers to receive special PADI certificates, without the yacht having to become an official PADI Dive Boat or you hiring a dive charter. Dive Superyacht was created by Blueprint Marine. The UK-based company […]

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Interior Yacht Services Classes Start in February

Interior Yacht Services interior table

New stews aboard your yacht wishing for a long career are ideal candidates for Interior Yacht Services classes beginning in February. The five-day Luxury Hospitality program will give them a thorough understanding of key skills like dinner service, bartending, floristry, and housekeeping. Interior Yacht Services is the training partner of Warsash Superyacht Academy, which offers […]

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Megayacht Vava II’s Global Challenge, to Benefit YachtAid Global

PHOTO: Paul Burgess/TheYachtPhoto.com

The 315-foot (96-meter) Vava II grabs headlines for being among the world’s largest megayachts, but now there’s a better reason. Her crew has created the Vava II Global Challenge, in which they’ll participate in athletic feats while on their circumnavigation, all to raise money for YachtAid Global (YAG). The idea behind Vava II Global Challenge […]

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AIG Fire Safety and Loss Prevention Training for Megayacht Crew


This past weekend, the 80-foot megayacht Bliss caught fire off Miami Beach (pictured). Thankfully the three people aboard, all crew, jumped into the water and were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard. The speed at which the fire engulfed the megayacht is an all-too-real reminder of what can happen. Fire-safety organizations for years have quoted […]

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YachtAid Global Raising Awareness and Funds for Syrian Refugees


Thanks to the crew of the sailing superyacht Seljm (pictured), YachtAid Global (YAG) and other megayacht-industry organizations are collecting aid items and money for Syrian refugees fleeing into Turkey. Even better, you can help, too. The 111-foot (34-meter) Seljm has been spending the summer in Turkey, and her crew became increasingly aware of the situation […]

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