Megayacht News Leadership Series: Burak Akgül, Perini Navi

Burak Akgül has been with Perini Navi for the past 26 years. He was recently appointed managing director  for sales, marketing, and design. He has seen Perini Navi grow from a sailing superyacht builder to a group with multiple shipyards. Burak Akgül reports to Enrico dell’Artino, the newly appointed CEO, a role vacated by Giancarlo […]

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Vasco Buonpensiere, Cantiere delle Marche: Leadership Series


Cantiere delle Marche may have opened its doors in 2010, but it has quickly tapped an underserved niche in custom-yacht construction. From its Darwin series to its Nauta Air series, Cantiere delle Marche focuses on ocean-crossers that are as aesthetically striking as they are strong. Even the choice of “Darwin” for its first series conveys […]

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Megayacht News Leadership Series: Philippe Mondielli, Wood Forever Pact


The Wood Forever Pact is an initiative established in 2010 by Prince Albert II of Monaco. It’s part of his Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The Foundation focuses on protecting the environment and encouraging sustainable development. The Wood Forever Pact strives to combat deforestation and the related increase in greenhouse gas emissions. To that […]

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Megayacht News Leadership Series: Lamberto Tacoli, CRN


Lamberto Tacoli is well-known as the chairman of CRN, a position he has held since 2006. His entrepreneurial career in yachting dates to 1996. That’s when he purchased a minority stake in Custom Line. The Ferretti Group acquired Custom Line that same year. Since that time, Tacoli has put his managerial skills to work on […]

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Megayacht News Leadership Series: Ed Dubois, Dubois Naval Architects


Ed Dubois had an early and innate love of the sea, sailing, and yacht design. This, despite growing up in a landlocked part of England. His choice of career was set from his early teens. Dubois designed, built, and raced his own first yacht, Borsalino Trois, in the late 1970’s. He went on to design […]

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