NISI Yachts

NISI Yachts may be among the youngest players in the yacht and megayacht market, having been founded just seven years ago, but it has more than done its homework. The company assembled some of the industry’s top designers, naval architects, engineers, and more to ensure that the NISI range, from 58 to 86 feet (17 […]

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April 2013 Motoryacht Video of the Month: Benetti’s 140th Anniversary


A lot can happen in 140 years, and a lot certainly has at Benetti, which is celebrating that significant anniversary this year. From its humble beginnings as a wooden-boat builder, to its place in history building megayachts like Nabila (now Kingdom 5KR), Reverie, Diamonds Are Forever, and more, Benetti has borne the name of its […]

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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at Rondal

Rondal flags

Rondal is well-known for its spars and rigging, hatches, winches, and more. Its products adorn both sailing yachts and motoryachts worldwide, built by shipyards equally as far flung. While Rondal got its start in 1975 working with aluminum (hence the “al” part of its name), these days carbon fiber is increasingly in demand. Even with […]

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Burger Boat Company: Inside the Yard

Nestled in the Great Lakes, Burger Boat Company has been constructing all-aluminum yachts for decades. Here, in video footage exclusive to Megayacht News, is an inside look at how it all happens.

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Icon Yachts Helm Demonstration

When Icon Yachts was founded a few years ago, the yard decided it needed more than press releases to demonstrate how different its approach to superyacht construction was. It created 3D videos of how it plans key working areas onboard around their use. This helm demo video is just one example.

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