PHOTO: Jeff Brown

Galactica Star Frozen in Panama Papers Investigation

The Nigerian government is preventing the owner of Galactica Star from dealing with or even disposing of her. It alleges he purchased her with diverted profits from oil sales. The information comes as part of the latest Panama Papers report. The Panama Papers involves the leak of 11.5 million financial and legal documents from a Continue reading

YXT 20 Shadow Boat, for Toys, Toys, & More Toys

Owners who put “toys” in “watertoys” will appreciate the philosophy of the YXT division of Lynx Yachts. Here, shadow boats and support craft are anything but fads. They’re essential complements to, and even extensions of, the yachts themselves. (“YXT” stands for “Yacht X Tender.”) Lynx Yachts built hull number one of the YXT 20 on Continue reading