Yersin, by Piriou: Gallery

Adventure. Science. Education. These three principles drove the creation of Yersin, a 251’3” (76.6-meter) explorer, to cruise anywhere and everywhere, host researchers and schoolchildren, and provide her owner and his family with the travels and teachings of a lifetime. Yersin was commissioned by François Fiat, chief of the famous automotive company of the same name. Continue reading

Xtender 16.1M: Does 50 Knots, Designed by Dubois

“I wouldn’t even call it a tender. It’s more like a small superyacht.” So says Sebastian Allebrodt, the owners’ representative for the Xtender 16.1m. He makes the analogy because the 52’8” (16.1-meter) boat was commissioned with a naval architect and interior designer, as a custom project no less. The Xtender 16.1m was created by Xtenders Continue reading

Akhir: Famed Series of Cantieri di Pisa Re-Imagined

If you’re familiar with the megayacht models from Cantieri di Pisa, surely you recognize the named Akhir. This was one of the Italian yard’s most famous models, achieving significant success in the 1980s and 1990s. Cantieri di Pisa has revived the Akhir name and design, echoing elements of its past while bringing it squarely into Continue reading