Veda Venturing Soon From Bering Yachts

Two-month-long sea trials wrap up soon for Veda, the biggest expedition yacht to date from Bering Yachts. A Bering 80, Veda is also the fourth of the builder’s Expedition Class series. “Expedition” is an appropriate word, too. Berings aren’t simply styled to look like rugged cruisers. Consider that a Bering 65 has cruised more than Continue reading

PHOTO: Alberto Cocchi

Divine, Columbus Yachts’ Newest Sport Hybrid Megayacht

“Green” gets tossed around a lot to imply environmental friendliness. Sometimes it’s true, but sometimes it’s not as true as a company would like you to believe. In the case of Divine, the second delivery in the Columbus Sport Hybrid 40M series, it means more than just emissions. The 131-foot (40-meter) Divine, delivered last year, Continue reading