Staluppis’ Spectre to Boast Speed at Extra Efficiency

About a year ago, Benetti divulged scant details about FB269 for John and Jeanette Staluppi. A hint of a profile, an LOA of 216 feet (66 meters), and a top speed upwards of 20 knots were it. Now, thanks to a conversation with Frank Mulder of Mulder Design, we know that Spectre will be both Continue reading

OceaNemo Yachts Coming With Toys, Toys, & More Toys

The teams behind the OceaNemo series (previously called Ocea Nemo) tout their new yachts as Sport Utility Yachts. They’re putting the emphasis on “Sport” even more. They’ve signed agreements with nine watertoy manufacturers. This, to ensure everything from amphibious aircraft and autos to inflatable climbing walls can be onboard. The OceaNemo series was created around Continue reading