My Goodness: My Song to See 30 Knots When Racing

Speed is everything in racing. With sailing superyachts, it’s not just the boat’s speed. It’s how quickly her crew can get her in that mode. My Song, enjoying her first season on the water, should turn heads on both accounts. She’s expected to be one of the fastest all-carbon-fiber performance yachts, promising nearly 30-knot speeds Continue reading

Project Norse, for Proper Global Explorations

Oliver Stacey of Oliver Stacey Design looked to the past to create Project Norse. In seeking inspiration for a true expedition yacht, he admired how Viking longboats could take on the ocean, and in varying conditions. To that end, Project Norse is meant for Pole-to-Pole voyaging and adventures. She also similarly uses sails as a Continue reading

Royal Huisman Project 400, a Super Schooner

The scantest of details are available, but they are pretty significant nonetheless. Royal Huisman has a super-size schooner under contract. She’s 266 feet (81 meters) in length and, at least for now, is referred to simply as Royal Huisman Project 400. Regardless of what her name actually will be, two things are clear. Upon launch, Continue reading