Boom! World’s Biggest Superyacht Boom

Dozens of articles chronicle the world’s largest yachts. But what about parts of yachts? They, too, deserve attention. This is particularly true for parts that make the yacht’s performance possible. When it comes to sailing superyachts, M5—or, rather, her boom—reigns supreme. Nearly 92 feet (28 meters) long, the boom is bigger than some motor- and Continue reading

Sailing Superyacht Ammonite on Maiden Voyage

Sailing from South Africa to Sardinia is no small matter. But that’s what Marcus Blackmore is doing with Ammonite, his newly delivered SW 82 from Southern Wind. Blackmore, from Australia, is as known for his love of yachting as he is for his business acumen. He owns several yachts, including a Nordhavn 76 christened Ammonite, Continue reading