DeepFlight Dragon: Self-Piloting Personal Sub

A number of personal submarine manufacturers target the megayacht market. One, DeepFlight, whose roots are in the commercial and scientific fields, has a new sub compact and lightweight enough that it can slip in and out of your tender garage as is. It’s the DeepFlight Dragon, which is further meant to let you take the […]

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Oculus Technologies’ Odyss Puts Fun at Fingertips


Infotainment options abound aboard megayachts these days—so much so that owners and guests want more. Oculus Technologies, the company behind YachtEye and the super-cool Engine Room App, has added Odyss to the mix. If you’re at this week’s Monaco Yacht Show, you can see a demo. At first glance, Odyss looks like a sophisticated time […]

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YachtEye Infotainment System: 2 New Features


If there’s one thing we all love, it’s interactive gadgetry. We rely on our mobile devices for all sorts of information and entertainment. Naturally infotainment systems are aboard our yachts, too, like the YachtEye interactive platform. Created by Oculus Technologies, YachtEye has two new features that you can test in person at the upcoming Monaco […]

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Triton 1000/3 LP, Low-Profile Sub

Triton 1000/3 LP

The specifications of most personal submarines have made them impossible for a number of megayachts to carry without serious refitting. Triton Submarines is fixing that with the Triton 1000/3 LP. “LP” stands for Low Profile. The sub stands just 5’6” (1.7 meters) high. Triton Submarines created the Triton 1000/3 LP in response to megayacht owners […]

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Noosa Launch, Classic-Looking Yacht Tender


Megayacht owners looking for a tender with real personality should consider the Noosa Launch. Built by Tasmanian wooden-boat builder Denman Marine, the Noosa Launch is as smart as it is sweet. The project came about when an Australian buyer approached Denman Marine. He wanted a dayboat ideal for canal and river cruising. Specifically, he wanted […]

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