Riva Aquarama Lounge, in Monaco Yacht Club: PHOTOS

The new Monaco Yacht Club has its own stylish tender—sort of. June 20 marked the official opening of the Riva Aquarama Lounge. The room was designed to resemble the very essence of a Riva Aquarama. Occupying the top floor of the yacht club, the area leaves no doubt as to what brand is involved. The […]

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Engine Room App for Curious Guests and Owners


Crewmembers aren’t the only ones interested in engine-room operations. Plenty of tech-oriented and just plain curious megayacht owners and guests are, too. Oculus Technologies is the first company to formally recognize this, via its Engine Room App. The Netherlands-based Oculus Technologies is the company behind the popular YachtEye software products. YachtEye, found aboard many megayachts, […]

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Ming Steward-Call System


To address the balance between guest privacy and the crew’s ability to cater to needs, Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH) is offering the Ming steward-call system. It works in conjunction with VBH’s other tech-oriented call products. A number of companies offer similar systems, many operated via iPads or other tablets. VBH employs those units, too, but […]

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Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Debuts Later This Year


Strand Craft is marking its first entry into the personal watercraft (PWC) market. The Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod should debut later this year. You might recognize the Strand Craft name from the variety of concept designs it’s presented in recent years. The Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod, however, is the first project to go […]

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Vripack V20 Solar Racer Sea Trials (VIDEO)


The Vripack V20 Solar Racer is a one-design solar-powered boat ideal for racing and radical-minded megayacht owners. The boat seen in this video, your first look at the completed project, is currently competing in a solar-boat race in The Netherlands, in fact. Initially intended for the international race circuit, the V20 Solar Racer increasingly inspired […]

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