Go Green With Gratis X1, All-Electric PWC

Some waterways ban the use of gasoline-powered personal watercraft (PWCs). Others have noise ordinances that severely restrict their use. You can go electric, as well as go “green,” with the Gratis X1, said to be the world’s first stand-up, all-electric water bike. California-based Free Form Factory created the Gratis X1, using entirely American-made parts. These Continue reading

mTenna, Banishing “Mickey Mouse Ears,” Ships Soon

The long-awaited alternative to the Mickey Mouse effect created by satcom domes is finally commercially available. Kymeta, which has been working on the solution for more than three years, is releasing mTenna this May. Kymeta, a mobile-communications specialist focused on flat-antenna technology, has been consulting yacht designers and builders throughout the process. (See “Bye-Bye, Unsightly Continue reading

Onlyyacht US Marks Insurance Company Expansion

With nearly 400 megayachts insured, Onlyyacht has established its first roots in the United States, as Onlyyacht US. Onlyyacht has five offices in England and Europe. They range from London to Antibes and Rotterdam. The Onlyyacht US office is located in Fort Lauderdale. Vincent Huens de Brouwer, the executive director of the office, tells the Continue reading