Baglietto 48M Marks Its 1st Megayacht for Latin America

In two years’ time, a client from Mexico will take delivery of this 158-footer (48-meter) from Baglietto. The Baglietto 48M is designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design, featuring all-aluminum construction and a displacement hull. She’s based on an existing model from the Italian builder and designer, that being the Baglietto 46M, measuring 152 feet (46.3 meters). Continue reading

Baglietto 46-Meter Hull 217 in the Water

A European buyer is a few weeks away from taking delivery of the newest Baglietto 46-meter (151-footer). For now the megayacht is being referred to simply as Hull 217. Launched yesterday, Hull 217 is a displacement design from the drawing boards of Francesco Paszkowski. In fact, she’s the second in a new 46-meter displacement series Continue reading

“Baglietto: 160 Years of Italian Boatbuilding” Book

Being in business for a decade is cause for celebration. Being in business 160 years after your doors first open is extraordinary. Baglietto is marking this milestone with a book, titled Baglietto: 160 Years of Italian Boatbuilding. Baglietto: 160 Years of Italian Boatbuilding includes abundant images and takes the reader from the early days of Continue reading