Baglietto 44m, With 2 Looks by 2 Designers

Baglietto has a new series strongly focused on the 131- to 164-foot (40-to 50-meter) segment, offering diversity in styling and interior design. The flared bows, vertical bows, and other eye-catching aspects are penned by leading designers. The yard even has multiple designers working on each model. For the first new project, the Baglietto 44m (144 Continue reading

Megayacht News Leadership Series: Michele Gavino, Baglietto

From his resume, Michele Gavino might seem like an unlikely candidate to run a shipyard. After attaining his degree in aeronautical engineering, Gavino held successive positions as plant manager at the beer brewer Birra Peroni, quality manager at helicopter manufacturer AugustaWestland, and general manager of the Societa Europea Autocaravan. Most recently, he was chief operations Continue reading