First Peek at Blohm+Voss BV80 Illustrations

Thanks to the CGI visualization company hired by Blohm+Voss, here are the first illustrations of the Blohm+Voss BV80.

As you may remember, in late August, Blohm+Voss began teasing yacht buyers and yachting media alike with glimpses of the BV80. She’s notable for being the German builder’s first-ever semi-custom megayacht. The glimpses came in the form of a YouTube video, and they were truly just glimpses.

The renderings above, which the CGI company, DW Studio, shared via Twitter, reveal a few features. The Blohm+Voss BV80, measuring 262 feet (80 meters), has dramatic bow flare that ends in a gentle curve. That curve is complemented by the rounded fore sections of the successive rising decks. These styling elements come from the drawing board of Eidsgaard Design.

Given the LOA, the helipad on the foredeck comes as no surprise. Neither does the inclusion of what appears to be a large hatch along the starboard side. It’s tough to discern here, but close inspection of the rendering reveals it. In all likelihood, it means the BV80 has a tender garage or beach club there.

Other discernible creature comforts include two pools. One is forward on the BV80′s uppermost deck, paired with an observation seating area just aft. It should prove to be quite the aerie for the owners and guests. The second pool is accompanied by loose lounges on the main aft deck. It’s well positioned by stairs down to the ample swim platform.

Full details about the Blohm+Voss BV80 will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show. For now, the builder says the hull, superstructure, and machinery spaces are already engineered, to save delivery time. Buyers have plenty of opportunity to personalize interior and exterior areas, of course.

VIDEO: BV80, Semi-Custom Megayacht by Blohm+Voss

Blohm+Voss is stirring up interest in a new megayacht project, the BV80. The German builder is stirring interest in more than one way, too. It created a YouTube video to promote BV80—before a press release has been issued or notice has appeared on its own website. Engineering for the hull and superstructure has also already begun, on spec, to save a buyer delivery time. And, the BV80 marks Blohm+Voss’ entry into the semi-custom megayacht market.

The BV80 is from the drawing board of Eidsgaard Design. The LOA is, as the name suggests, 80 meters, or 262 feet. The video teases mere glimpses of the BV80’s styling. However, she appears to be four decks high.

Blohm+Voss has made a name for itself in the upper end of the megayacht market. The size of the BV80 therefore fits in well among its deliveries. However, all Blohm+Voss projects to date have been fully custom. On its YouTube channel, the builder explains the reasoning behind the BV80 this way:

The BV80 combines proven engineering with flexibility. While the hull, machinery and superstructure are pre-engineered, there are many areas and elements that can be customised to the owner’s personal requirements.

This is not a mere ‘concept.’ Following a long period of detailed, behind-closed-doors planning, the first BV80 is already at an advanced stage of development. Potential owners will be pleasantly surprised by its short lead-time.

Watch the video, and see how much of the BV80 you can discern. In the meantime, Blohm+Voss says “thousands of hours” of planning has gone into the megayacht. Blohm+Voss pledges to release more details at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Graceful Departs Blohm+Voss


Almost two years after she arrived at Blohm+VossGraceful is headed for her first season of cruising. Her delivery journey started last week. The 269-footer (82-meter), with a 12’3” (3.75-meter) draft, was in Norway at press time.

You may recall that Graceful was on sea trials in late March. Our research into her speeds then, as transmitted by AIS, revealed she topped out just over 18 knots. Blohm+Voss just revealed a maximum speed in keeping with this: 18.2 knots. The shipyard adds that the speeds promised in her contract were either met or exceeded. It also says best range should be 6,000 nautical miles.

Graceful initially started construction in Russia in 2011. However, her owner had her hull transferred in 2012 to Blohm+Voss. She went from hull to completed megayacht in 23 months, impressive for her LOA and technical complexity.

The latter is a major reason why the owner selected Blohm+Voss to complete Graceful. The 45’6”-beam (13.9-meter-beam) boat was envisioned to adhere to a high standard. One item that Blohm+Voss worked out with the owner’s team was the indoor pool. Measuring 49 feet by 9’8” (15 meters by 3 meters), it doubles as a dance/party area when the floor is raised and water is drained. Another area needing good engineering: the helipad. You can see it aft on the uppermost deck. The owner and guests can step off the helicopter and directly into the welcoming interior. Since the helipad is for touch-and-go operations, loose lounges can also be arranged on the deck.

Speaking of the guests, Graceful has two VIP staterooms and three additional staterooms for them. The owner understandably has the most privacy, and arguably the nicest sleeping space. It’s arranged over two decks. However, everyone does get a beach club and fold-down terrace, the latter just above the water, to enjoy. And, the aptly named Graceful gets her overall elegant looks from H2 Yacht Design.

Graceful, From Blohm+Voss, on Sea Trials


PHOTO: Carl Groll/

Spotted on Germany’s Kiel Canal over the weekend, the Blohm+Voss megayacht Graceful is continuing sea trials. These photos are among the first ones taken of the 269-footer (82-meter) on the water.

In December, during initial sea trials, Graceful recorded a top speed of 17.8 knots, according to data transmitted by AIS. That is in the range of what Blohm+Voss and her management team, Dörries Maritime Services, anticipated. Data transmitted earlier today shows the megayacht has achieved a little more than 18 knots.

The refined styling of Graceful comes courtesy of H2 Yacht Design. Elegant curves rim her fore and aft sections. The circular area fully aft on her uppermost deck is a dedicated helipad. Additional arcs cascade down to her hull from her arch. The megayacht’s sense of scale really comes into perspective when you note there are people standing on her swim platform.

PHOTO: Carl Groll/

PHOTO: Carl Groll/

With a draft of 12’3” (3.75 meters), Graceful is engineered for long-range cruising. She should handily cover 5,500 nautical miles around 12 knots or so. The megayacht is also, of course, meant for luxurious cruising and entertaining. H2 Yacht Design further fashioned the interior spaces of Graceful, from the five guest staterooms (including two VIPs) to the two-level master suite and the indoor pool. That pool, on the main deck, measures 49’2” by 9’8” (15 meters by 3 meters). It doubles as a dance/party area when the water is drained and the floor is raised. Sliding doors aft allow the pool (or party area) to be more of an indoor-outdoor space. A fold-down balcony farther forward on the main deck brings the outside in, too. Overall, the interior of Graceful should be quite spacious, given the 45’6” (13.9-meter) beam.

Until this weekend, Graceful was at Blohm+Voss’ facilities in Hamburg. She initially started construction in Russia in 2011, but the owner had her hull transferred in 2012 to Blohm+Voss.

The Most Expensive Megayachts in the World

Lurssen Azzam megayacht

PHOTO: Klaus Jordan

Wealth-X, which compiles data on ultra-high-net-worth citizens worldwide, confirms what we’ve known for years. Megayachts make the most popular luxury assets. In a new Wealth-X report, eight of the top 10 luxury-asset acquisitions of all time are megayachts.

Wealth-X’s top 10 list, with the most expensive megayachts worldwide, is:

1. Azzam (above), just delivered by Lürssen this year, valued by Wealth-X at $627 million

2. Lanai, a private island in Hawaii, valued at $500 million

3. Eclipse, buit by Blohm+Voss and deemed by Wealth-X to be worth $485 million

4. Serene (below), commissioned at Fincantieri, valued at $330 million

5. A, another Blohm+Voss build, valued by Wealth-X at $323 million

6. (tie) Dubai and Pelorus, both assessed at $300 million

8. (tie) Radiant and a private residence in Monaco, both worth $286 million according to Wealth-X

10. Dilbar, which Wealth-X believes is worth $263 million

You may be wondering how Wealth-X compiled these figures, especially for the most expensive megayachts. After all, neither new-build nor brokerage sales contracts are public records. Therefore, you could argue that Wealth-X is not necessarily right. But, Wealth-X is not necessarily wrong about the most expensive megayachts, either. It says it uses a proprietary methodology to evaluate both public and private assets. Consider that banks, family offices, and others with vested interests in ultra-high-net-worth consumers work with Wealth-X. The research firm therefore strives for data as accurate as possible.

In addition, Wealth-X’s 3rd Global Wealth Report, created with UBS, contains figures in line with those of other research firms. For example, the report states that 200,000 people worldwide have an ultra-high-net worth of $30 million or more. Of them, about 65,500 are in the United States, about 58,000 are in Europe, and 44,500 are in Asia. Furthermore, the report finds, over the past year, the top three expenditures for the world’s ultra-wealthy were art, aviation, and yachts. They spent $13 billion on yachts alone.

Getting back to the most expensive megayachts, consider the LOAs. Azzam comes in at 590’6” (180 meters). Eclipse measures 533 feet (162.5 meters), while Serene is 440 feet (134 meters). Even the so-called smallest megayacht on Wealth-X’s list, Dilbar, is 360’9” (110 meters). Any reasonable person can conclude that they each cost a pretty penny.

Most expensive megayachts or not, Azzam, A, Dubai, Dilbar, and the others make for great conversation among yachting aficionados and newcomers alike.