Feadship’s C-Stream

Feadship X-stream
Feadship F-stream

First it was X-stream (top image), then F-stream (second image)… now, meet C-stream.

For the past few years at the Monaco Yacht Show, Feadship has been presenting concept designs for clients and yacht enthusiasts alike to view. Next month will be no different, as the creative team at Studio De Voogt, Feadship’s in-house design office, will unveil its latest, named C-stream.

X-stream, a 75-meter (239’5″) proposal, started it all in 2006. The dramatically futuristic superstructure, with a plethora of glass, and the axe-bow hull turned the yachting world on its ear, especially when compared with the classic lines of most Feadships. If visitors couldn’t get past the styling, then they at least appreciated how the design and her hybrid propulsion system were intended to use 20 to 30 percent less fuel than a conventional yacht in the same size range. Last year F-stream incorporated similarly futuristic, swooping styling, though in a 55-meter (180’4″) package and with a fantastic feature called “The Snug.” It was a cozy, open-air sundeck created by raising the roof-like, uppermost portion of the superstructure. (The working model at the Monaco Yacht Show was a blast to watch, with the panel opening and closing every seven minutes.)

Feadship C-stream

So what’s C-stream look like? Unfortunately, I can only give you the tiny glimpse here, because everyone involved in the project is keeping the full design under wraps until the show. However, Feadship did release the following details, just to make us all the more crazy with anticipation: “This year we raise the bar a notch further… incorporating the Shoot, the Wavedeck, the Float, and a host of other smart innovations.” (Italics are theirs.) Judging from the orange arrows in the rendering, it appears that seating, tables, and other sections rise, drop, and/or fold down.

Want to learn more? Stop by Feadship’s display during the show at QD10. I know I will–and I’ll give you my impressions then.