Ferretti Custom Line 108 Coming in 2015

Ferretti Custom Line 108'_ext 3Come summertime, the first Ferretti Custom Line 108 will be in the water. She’ll reflect the more energetic looks that originated with the Custom Line 100 three years ago, more choices for interior decor, and some technical features borrowed from other models in the Ferretti Group lineup.

The 108’1” (32.95-meter) megayacht, with a beam of 23’9” (7.25 meters), has accommodations for an owner’s party of 10. These naturally include a main-deck master stateroom, further being full beam. The Custom Line 108 provides all guests with bigger ports than on the 100, in keeping with current trends of bringing more natural light inside. Whether buyers plan casual family cruising or frequent formal entertaining, they have some finishes, woods, stones, furnishings, and more to choose from that aren’t offered on other Custom Line models, nor any other Ferretti Group model for that matter. Ferretti Group’s Centro Stile, its in-house design department, wanted the Custom Line 108 to stand apart. As a result, all furniture in relaxation areas will be lit from beneath. Further backlighting will be featured with the panel you see forward in the saloon-dining area in the rendering below. That panel continues up overhead, as will the lighting. Speaking of lighting, the Custom Line 108 will only employ LEDs, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Ferretti Custom Line 108'_main deck salon 3

The aesthetic choices made by the owner of hull number one include dark-stained oak wall panels contrasting with lighter wood soles. The yacht will additionally have liberal use of marble in all the en suite baths. Hull number two of the Custom Line 108 series has also been sold, though details on the decor choices haven’t been revealed. Regardless, both buyers, and subsequent clients, will benefit from two features first found aboard the Custom Line Navetta 28. These are the Dual Mode Transom and the Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System (VOTIS, for short). The Dual Mode Transom permits the transom door to open either up or down. Inside is both a tender garage and a beach club. The garage lets the primary tender float in and out, thanks to a submersible section. There’s still room for a PWC adjacent to the tender, too. As for VOTIS, it allows one device, such as an iPad, to control the TV, music, and more from any area onboard. If the owners of each Custom Line 108 so wish, VOTIS can be set up to display images from the CCTV system on TVs in the staterooms. It can further incorporate additional devices in subsequent years and send data to Ferretti Yachts’ shipyard.

Other highlights of the Custom Line 108 include sunning space on the main aft deck that can convert to a forward- or aft-facing lounge; a full-height window to starboard in the saloon that can instead be a sliding door; and a fold-down balcony off that same side. Furthermore, a bar is situated aft in the saloon, and a bimini can extend shade aft of the hardtop on the flying bridge. The captain and four crewmembers will appreciate that the engine room benefits in the beam due to the Dual Mode Transom (below). The twin MTUs in the engine room should permit the Custom Line 108 to top out at 26 knots and cruise at 23. Ferretti expects most efficient cruise at 12 knots, which should permit a 1,000-nautical-mile range. Even at faster speeds, harbor and island hopping shouldn’t be a problem. The range at 26 knots should be 350 nautical miles, and at 23 knots it should be 430 nautical miles.

Ferretti Custom Line 108'_ext 7_DMT

The Ferretti Custom Line 108 should appear at the fall boat shows next year in Europe. If past practices are any indication, expect the first 108 outfitted for the American market to come stateside in 2016.

Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 Coming to Cannes

Ferretti-Custom-Line-Navetta-28-renderThe Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 isn’t simply a new model in the builder’s Navetta series. Debuting at the Cannes Yachting Festival next week, the megayacht has an intriguing—and patented—convertible transom area.

The 92’9” (28.31-meter) Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 has expected features like four guest staterooms and a main-deck master stateroom. She also bears family styling, though with larger panes of glass in keeping with current trends. Related to this, each guest staterooms has stanchion-free ports, a first for a Navetta megayacht. The upper-deck dining area is also rimmed in sliding glass panels.

But, the biggest attention-getter for the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 is arguably what the builder calls the Dual Mode Transom (DMT). It’s the result of the Ferretti Group’s in-house team collaborating with hatch and passarelle manufacturer Besenzoni. The DMT allows the transom to open up or down on one set of pistons. When opened up, the hatch reveals a floodable garage. The latter is typically the domain of far larger, fully custom megayachts. A 15-foot (4.45-meter) jet tender can float in or out, too. With the hatch flipped down, the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 gains a beach club. Note that you can still use some of the internal space even with the tender in place. That’s because a teak-lined platform stowed overhead can slide down to cover part of the garage. The Ferretti Group holds a patent for DMT.


Other things make the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 stand out. The 23-foot-beam (7-meter-beam) boat represents the builder’s first use of resin infusion. The construction technique makes for stronger and lighter composite structures. The builder has also employed additional sound- and vibration-control materials in relaxation spaces and crew areas. Furthermore, every Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 comes standard with electro-hydraulic zero-speed stabilizers. Alternately, like with hull number one, gyroscopic stabilizers are available.

Then, of course, are the “fun” features. Every Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 comes with the company’s VOTIS entertainment system. It’s akin to the systems found aboard fully custom megayachts these days. Remote controls for the TV, movies, and music in the saloon are replaced by an iPad. The builder can set up VOTIS in other areas onboard upon request, plus integrate your personal smart devices. You and your guests can watch the same movies or listen to the same music independent of one another in different rooms, too. And, you can request that VOTIS be integrated with the CCTV system, or send key data to the shipyard.

We’ll have a full Megayacht News Onboard report regarding the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 in the coming weeks. The yacht will be exhibited at the Monaco Yacht Show later this month, too.

Allied Marine-Ferretti Group Superyacht Division Created

Allied Marine Ferretti Group Superyacht Division Ferretti Custom Line 100

Allied Marine is expanding its activities for both charter and sales. To the latter point, the company is reviving a megayacht-specific sales arm. It’s now known as the Allied Marine-Ferretti Group Superyacht Division.

Allied Marine has long focused on brokerage sales, from its founding in 1945. In 2008, the Ferretti Group acquired the company, then known as Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group. The brokerage house marketed, sold, and serviced new and used yachts in a variety of LOAs. For megayachts, it established a division called the Platinum Yacht Collection. Understandably, megayachts from the Ferretti Group’s Custom Line and CRN were among its offerings. In recent years, however, the Platinum Yacht Collection branding fell out of use. Despite this, Allied Marine, as the parent company became known again, still sold brokerage megayachts.

The Platinum Yacht Collection is being re-created as the Allied Marine-Ferretti Group Superyacht Division. It comes following the hiring of Bruce Schattenburg. Schattenburg is a 30-year veteran of the yachting industry. He’s worked for a number of leading brokerage houses, handling sales and charter. He’s also a founding member of the U.S. Superyacht Association and on the board of directors of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association. “After admiring Bruce’s charter and sales acumen for the last 25 years, the opportunity finally presented itself for us to work together,” Jon Burkard, president of Allied Marine, says. “We are really excited to get somebody of his quality, ethics, and background to join our team.”

Schattenburg is serving a dual role for Allied Marine. The first is heading the Allied Marine-Ferretti Group Superyacht Division. The division is taking a focus similar to its predecessor, specializing in sales of new and brokerage megayachts of 100 feet and larger. Like in the past, the Allied Marine-Ferretti Group Superyacht Division is promoting Ferretti Group brands CRN and Ferretti Custom Line (the Ferretti Custom Line 100 is pictured). Other Group brands are in the mix, too, since some of them have begun building megayachts. For example, the Allied Marine-Ferretti Group Superyacht Division surely will market the Riva 122 Mythos, plus models from Ferretti Yachts and Pershing.

Schattenburg’s second role is director of luxury yacht charter. He plans to bolster promotions for yachting vacations. He’s especially keen on raising awareness in Asia and Latin America.

Megayacht News Onboard: Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 26 Crescendo

Navetta 26 Side 4

Leave it to the Italians to use classical music as the inspiration for the name of a new megayacht model. Ferretti Custom Line calls its newest Navetta semi-displacement megayacht the Navetta 26 Crescendo, with “Crescendo” meant to evoke concepts of gradually increasing intensity. While it may strike some of you as being silly, it actually makes sense when you consider what the Navetta 26 Crescendo really represents. In Italian, “crescendo” is “crescere,” meaning to grow. So, at 86 feet (26 meters), the Custom Line Navetta 26 Crescendo may be the smallest of the semi-displacement Navetta series, but she represents a climactic moment for buyers stepping up into the megayacht market for the first time.

Navetta 26 Living

The Navetta 26 Crescendo also represents a high point for her builder. Ferretti Custom Line decided to redesign the entire Navetta lineup, incorporating more volume and enjoyment of the views while staying true to the focus on leisurely cruising. You’ll find larger ports, like the ones here on the main deck, plus the ever-popular wall of glass aft, with a sliding door that can remain open. The beam of nearly 23 feet is made to feel more elbowroom-friendly, even with full walkaround side decks.

Navetta 26 Dinning Area

As is usual practice for Custom Line, buyers can choose the woods and soft goods they want. For this Navetta 26 Crescendo, there’s bleached oak underfoot and honey-toned elm on furnishings, plus leather panels interspersed with lacquered sections on the walls. To preserve a sense of space, the saloon and dining area are open to each other.

Navetta 26 Dinette-Galley

While not visible in this photo, the galley, on the main deck, has a door to the side deck. With Americans comprising a large number of buyers for Ferretti Custom Line, it’s key that the galley remains steps from the dining area and not squeezed below decks.

Navetta 26 Upper Dinette

Here’s where the revamping of the Navetta series really shows. The 26 Crescendo has an extended enclosed upper deck, allowing for the inclusion of this intimate dining/relaxing area immediately abaft the helm.

Navetta 26 Owner Room

Few 85-footers have main-deck masters, but the Navetta 26 Crescendo does. Note the desk at left in the photo. The builder envisions some owners using it as a breakfast area as well, since a table pulls out and is accompanied by two chairs. We think most buyers will opt for the shaded alfresco seating on the aft deck, though, typically a popular spot while at anchor.

Navetta 26 VIP Room

Ferretti Custom Line also offers flexibility in the guest accommodations. Choose between layout A, with two VIPs like the one shown and two twins, and layout B, which has a full-beam VIP, a double, and a twin.

Navetta 26 SunPad

Yet another example of how Ferretti Custom Line rethought the Navetta series is this sundeck, the uppermost level. Previous Navettas really remained fully focused on leisurely cruising and mostly indoor living, with the upper deck being the highest level, too.

Navetta 26 Side 2

Re-inventing a “small” megayacht isn’t an easy task, but Ferretti Custom Line has given buyers a few features they’re sure to appreciate in this model. And with a reported top speed of 14 knots and cruise of 12 knots, powered by twin MAN V8s, there’s the familiar focus on taking your time getting to your destination. Even if you opt for the twin MAN V10s, which boost the top end to a reported 16 knots and cruise to a reported 13½ knots, you’ll feel anything but hurried. Combine it all with twin Mitsubishi ARG stabilizers, proven to damp roll well, and Custom Line buyers might just sing the praises of the Navetta 26 Crescendo.

Ferretti Custom Line Delivers Its 12th Navetta 33 Crescendo Megayacht


Late April saw the delivery of the 12th megayacht in the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 33 Crescendo semi-custom series.

The megayacht, whose name is being withheld, bears the same three-deck profile, fold-down balconies, and main-deck master arrangement as the previous Navetta 33 Crescendo launches. There are still a few differences, though, such as an expanded sundeck and, perhaps most enjoyable, an indoor-outdoor upper-deck dining area. Thanks to sliding glass doors, which are additionally circular in shape, the dining area, aft on this deck, transforms into a casual alfresco space.

The 12th Navetta 33 Crescendo won’t disappoint guests elsewhere, of course. Onboard is a marble- and mosaic-tile-lined Turkish bath, connected to a gym on the lower deck. Three guest cabins, one of which has twins that push together to form a double berth, are also below decks, decorated in the same contemporary style as other spaces aboard the megayacht.

For a better idea of what the Navetta 33 Crescendo offers, here’s a video on one of the megayachts in the series, christened Ziacanaia.