Jongert Bought by Acico Yachts—and Keeps Name

In corporate takeovers, the more well-known brand name typically becomes the name for the newly formed company. This also typically holds true even when that name is the one of the company being acquired. It should come as no surprise, then, that despite Jongert having just been acquired by Acico Yachts, the blended Dutch companies Continue reading

Jongert’s New Sailing Yacht: Jongert 3200P

  Meet the Jongert 3200P, the first of a new series called the Performance Line. The Jongert 3200P is the mysterious new sailing yacht that the Dutch builder teased in late December. Just as we supposed, the Jongert 3200P and the overall Performance Line evolved from the Jongert Modern Line. Jongert began restructuring its sailing Continue reading