77-Meter CRN Megayacht for Middle East Client

The second-largest megayacht in CRN’s history is in development. The shipyard has signed a letter of intent to build a 252’6” (77-meter) project for a Middle East client. The yacht will also be used in that region. The largest CRN to date is the 262’5” (80-meter) Chopi Chopi. She was just delivered last year. The new Continue reading

CRN’s 2 New Megayacht Designs: Conero and Super Conero

While CRN’s history dates back 50 years, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the shipyard really began focusing exclusively on large yachts and megayachts. Toward the end of that decade, CRN introduced its first large-yacht series, called Super Conero. (On a related side note, Conero is a tourist area in the Marche region of Italy, Continue reading

Megayacht News Onboard: CRN’s J’ade

You know you’re in for something different aboard a megayacht when you’re greeted by a bar with an aquarium as its base. That’s one of the items giving J’ade (pronounced “jade”), recently delivered by CRN, her strong identity. The 191-footer (58.2-meter) lives up being a fully custom yacht by incorporating some visually arresting elements. Simultaneously, Continue reading