Front Street 118 and 130, Designed by Sparkman & Stephens

Front Street Shipyard may be a new player on the world megayacht stage, but its founding partners have deep roots in yachting, and a collaboration with Sparkman & Stephens is resulting in two new sloops available for build.

Based in Maine, Front Street Shipyard opened its doors this summer. It’s focused on both new construction and service, capable of hauling yachts to 165 feet and providing dockage for yachts to 145 feet. Front Street Shipyard is backed by industry veterans in the region. Managing partner J.B. Turner is formerly the president of Lyman-Morse, for example. Additional partners are Taylor Allen, owner of Rockport Marine; Steve White, owner of Brooklin Boat Yard; and Kenneth Priest, president of Kenway Corporation. While each company still operates independently, they’re banding together under Front Street Shipyard to compete for and attract more of the large-yacht business. They wasted no time doing so in August, when Hurricane Irene barreled up the East Coast. Several yachts upwards of 90 feet were hauled, then returned back to the water.

Between its transformation of a former sardine-processing plant into this yacht facility and the partners’ backgrounds, Front Street Shipyard caught the attention of Sparkman & Stephens. Together, they’re promoting the Front Street 130 (pictured) and Front Street 118. If you’re a fan of S&S designs, you’ll note a family familiarity, with elegant lines from the transom to the deckhouse and farther forward.

Both megayachts are to be constructed of fiberglass with CoreCell coring, plus Kevlar and carbon fiber for further strength in some areas. Intended as cruisers, the Front Street 118 and 130 each have two cockpits, one for guests and one for operations. Wrap-around seating in the working cockpit means crewmembers will be within reach of the wheel at all times. The sail area for each should ensure enjoyable days on the water: 6,670 square feet for the Front Street 118 and 7,970 square feet for the Front Street 130. (That’s 620 square meters and 740 square meters, respectively.)

Well-planned interiors should keep crew and guests alike content. The Front Street 118 has a beam of 24’11” (7.6 meters), while the Front Street 130’s beam is 27’7″ (8.4 meters). Each megayacht places crew spaces, including the galley and their accommodations, forward. While the 130 has an open raised saloon plus a wetbar accompanying dining settees for six to eight people, the 118 situates the dining area down and occupying half the beam. The 118 also has accommodations for six in the owner’s party, while 130 adds an interior helm. Regardless, both megayachts feature good-size windows to bring plenty of light inside and accommodations for six to eight people.

Once contracts are signed, construction can begin as early as next year.

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