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International SeaKeepers Society Seeking Superyachts of Opportunity for Volvo Ocean Race

PHOTO: iStock/deejpilot

The Volvo Ocean Race attracts many a yacht and superyacht as spectators. Thanks to the International SeaKeepers Society, you can do more than that when the race pulls into Miami in May. You can have your yacht become a “Vessel of Opportunity,” helping promote SeaKeepers’ emphasis on ocean preservation and conservation.

The Volvo Ocean Race stopover dates in Miami—the only ones in North America—are May 6 to 20. SeaKeepers is seeking at least two yachts to feature in the heart of the Downtown Miami Race Village from May 7 to 10. The Village will, among other things, feature educational experiences for schoolchildren, focus on the preservation of the oceans and environment, and fun with watersports. The race organizers are just as keen on raising awareness about the ocean as SeaKeepers is, which is why the groups have joined forces for this event.

While in the Village, the SeaKeepers yachts will host scientists and welcome students on field trips. The scientists will explain how SeaKeepers and its supporters help them gather vital data, through the Vessels of Opportunity program (VOP). For example, one VOP yacht in recent years welcomed aboard a coral-reef biologist in the Caribbean, allowing him to take coral core extractions to examine back in a lab. Another yacht assisted with water-quality monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico to measure the effects of the BP oil spill. Megayacht owners who participate in the VOP get direct benefits, too. They get to meet leading scientists and become directly involved in ocean conservation, much more so than writing a check.

Furthermore, SeaKeepers is seeking megayachts to serve as spectator vessels from May 19 to 20. Given that the Volvo Ocean Race Miami leg is being covered by media outlets like FOX Sports, there will be additional exposure for the VOP yachts and concept, in addition to general increased exposure.

The Volvo Ocean Race organizers are further seeking megayachts as a media boat, VIP boats for the race teams and sponsors, and more.

For further details directly from SeaKeepers about participating in the Volvo Ocean Race and the VOP, please fill out our contact form.

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