Oceanco Megayacht Project PA164

Oceanco superyacht Y709 pa164 starboard

The megayacht project known simply as PA164 made an appearance outside of her build shed at Oceanco earlier today.

Also known as Y709, the megayacht measures 300’2″ (91.5 meters) and has a 47’9″ (14.6-meter) beam. Azure Naval Architects and Oceanco’s in-house team are handling naval architecture, while Andrew Winch Designs is responsible for the interior. Not much publicity is permitted thus far, though Oceanco has revealed that a library will be onboard, convertible to a VIP stateroom. The owner’s study will be able to do the same. Two other VIP suites will accommodate guests, as will four somewhat smaller but no less comfortable staterooms.

Oceanco Y709 pa164 mast top deck

Speaking of the interior, Oceanco’s PA164/Y709 will be among the first megayachts to meet the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) regulations. Focused on safety, the PYC is applicable to megayachts that carry between 13 and 36 passengers, regardless of LOA and regardless of private use versus charter. The PYC was created in response to megayachts being built to accommodate much larger parties than before, and particularly to help clarify which regulations would apply. In simple terms, SOLAS regulations take effect at a certain point, but SOLAS was not created with the pleasureboat industry in mind; it was created for merchant vessels. The PYC’s goal is to give megayacht owners, shipyards, designers, and other key members of a project team a single frame of reference.

Of course, the application of new regulations always causes some concern, and conversations we’ve had with design and build teams alike reveal that PYC presents challenges. The amount of wood that designers and owners alike have become accustomed to using is not permitted by the PYC, which further restricts the use of other flammable materials. Now, this is not to say that the regulations will make megayachts look more like cruise ships or hotels. Each owner’s team—and surely the team supporting the owner of Oceanco’s PA164/Y709—works closely with regulatory representatives to find solutions acceptable to all.

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  1. Yes the 92M Oceanco is named Equanimity and a billionaire landlord and entertainment tycoon from China apparently bought it

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