Chimera, Limo Tender Concept From Kit Carlier Design

New Zealand-based Kit Carlier Design is attracting international attention with Chimera, a limo tender design that looks like it stepped out from an earlier era.

Kit Carlier’s name may not ring a bell, but he’s well versed in the industry, having most recently served as lead designer at Alloy Yachts. Kit Carlier Design opened for business in January of this year. Services include styling, interior design and space planning, and furniture design. Carlier and business partner Donna Maree together have more than 35 years’ experience in the marine marketplace.Chimera-interior

As for Chimera, the 47’6” (14.5-meter) tender reflects the well-known styling of a 1920s-era gentleman’s racer, right down to the helm position to port. There are, of course, modern twists. These include the primarily glass roof, composite construction, and the possibility of diesel-electric propulsion. Interesting enough, Kit Carlier Design is currently researching all-electric power options for Chimera as well. Traditional diesels are also available. “We wanted to create something that was pure, uncompromised luxury; something that harked back to times when design represented luxury and glamour, but all this to be wrapped around a state-of-the-art propulsion and vessel-management system,” says Carlier.

Chimera is open to customization, including seating for 12 guests. You can further opt for a day head forward in the cabin, or swap it out for a big luggage compartment. Touch screens in the cabin will let you control lighting and entertainment. You and your guests can additionally do so via your own smartphones and tablets upon loading a proprietary Chimera app.

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