Burger Delivers Northland: VIDEO

Clear, crisp conditions saw Northland set off from Burger Boat Company yesterday morning. Currently making her way through the Great Lakes, she’s heading east for perhaps somewhat warmer weather. And, no doubt, adventures to come, since ports around the world are on her itinerary.

Welding began on Northland’s first metal plates in early 2016. In fact, at that time, the owner participated in a tradition that many clients do at shipyards worldwide. He welded a plaque with Northland’s details and the date to one of the hull plates.

Notably, that hull is steel. Not only is that unusual for a megayacht measuring just over 103 feet (31.55 meters), it’s unusual for Burger. However, it’s not the first time a Burger featured a steel hull. In fact, the Wisconsin shipyard made history with steel nearly 80 years ago. In 1938, it constructed the first all-steel auxiliary ketch in the United States. Measuring 81 feet (about 24.7 meters), she bore the name Tamaris. Furthermore, just a few years ago, Burger delivered the steel-hulled passenger craft Chicago’s Leading Lady and Chicago’s Classic Lady to a Chicago-based company.

As for Northland, styling and interior design are both from Luiz de Basto of De Basto Designs. The owner wanted sporty looks, which partially stem from the hardtop. They come from the significant-size cockpit, too. The owner plans to pursue equally significant-size fish in his global travels, so plenty of space for reeling them in is key. Combine that with a 26’5” (8.1-meter) beam, and Northland should make those fishing pursuits, as well as other pleasure pursuits, plenty comfortable.

Pre- or post-bite, the owner and guests have a few places aboard in which to relax. Taking advantage of Burger’s custom approach, the owner wanted a library forward on the main deck. In addition, he wanted his stateroom aft of the wheelhouse. Bars on the flying bridge and in the saloon will keep libations—and, perhaps, tall fish tales—flowing.

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