Mangusta GranSport: A New Benchmark

Mangusta GranSport Is the Ultimate Luxury Among High-Performance Yachts

Since founded by the Balducci family in 1985, Overmarine Group has been investing in new technologies and innovation. In this quest, it has expanded from its Viareggio base and acquired a facility near Pisa. This is where it builds the Mangusta Oceano and the Mangusta GranSport lines, Overmarine Group’s recent venture into steel and displacement hulls.

Mangusta GranSport, falling between the full-displacement and planing models, is a fast-displacement line. These long-range vessels best perform in displacement mode. But, they can reach higher speeds as well, those typical of high-performance yachts. Mangusta GranSport is therefore an amalgamation of the outstanding luxury typical of displacement megayachts and the aggressive performance of the Maxi Open series.

The lines of these yachts are aerodynamic, balanced, and decisive. The stern, for instance, has great character and strong dynamism. Surfaces convey an elegant, well-proportioned, continuous flow. Air vents appear as sharp cuts in the aluminum. Slanting windshields and uprights blend into the rollbar. Everything comes together to express a sophisticated design, unfolding uninterrupted from bow to stern. It converses with the interiors, too. The exterior glazing brings in light without upsetting the hull and superstructure size. The glazing also does so through a concept of fluidity and continuity characterizing the entire yacht.

Mangusta GranSport 45 megayacht

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi dominate the bow sun bridge and bring light into the Owner head through glass bottoms. Astern, rotatng the central hatch and two side hatches give life to an out-and-out club on the sea, with terraces and a perfectly equipped beach area.

The flagship, the Mangusta GranSport 54 (at top), launches this April. Another same-size unit is under construction, together with the GranSport 45 (above).


Length 177’8’’ –  Beam 29’6’’ – Draft  7’7’’ – Range ~ 4,200 NAUTICAL MILES – Max Speed ~ 29 KNOTS


Length 148’7’’ –  Beam 28’2’’ – Draft 7’1’’ – RANGE ~ 3,000 NAUTICAL MILES  – Max Speed ~ 26 KNOTS

The upcoming Palm Beach International Boat Show is a unique opportunity to discover what Mangusta is today.

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