Oscar! Oscar! 4 Superyachts of Oscar Winners

In Hollywood and among movie buffs, today is special, the 90th Academy Awards. Also known as the Oscars, some of the film industry’s finest actors, actresses, and directors go home with golden statuettes during this annual celebration. Some of those very same Hollywood heavyweights have gone on vacations aboard yachts, their own as well as charter yachts. So, what better time to take a look at four superyachts of Oscar winners?

Steven Spielberg Seven Seas superyachts tied to Oscar winners

1. Seven Seas. Director Steven Spielberg has more than a dozen Oscar nominations and has won three gold statuettes. In fact, he is nominated for Best Director this year for The Post. If he wins, we suggest he take a celebratory cruise aboard Seven Seas (left). He took delivery in 2010. Fitting for superyachts of Oscar winners, the saloon aboard this 282-footer (86-meter) doubles as a theater. Rumors in recent years have had Spielberg ready to step up to an even larger yacht. However, no confirmation is available.

2. Topaz. Leonardo di Caprio won Best Actor in 2015 for The Revenant. He received nominations three previous times for Best Actor, and once previously for Best Supporting Actor, too. He’s been seen on a number of private and charter yachts over the years as well. Last summer, for instance, he and fellow actor Toby Maguire cruised in St. Tropez on Impromptu. But, among superyachts of Oscar winners, the 482-foot (147-meter) Topaz is among the biggest, and definitely his biggest. In 2014, di Caprio stayed aboard with friends in Brazil during the World Cup.

3. Invictus. In 1998, Gwyneth Paltrow received a Best Actress statuette for Shakespeare in Love. In 2017, she chartered Invictus (top) with her ex, musician Chris Martin, and son in Cannes. Photos show them having a blast on the inflatable watertoys and zipping around in a tender. The 215-foot (65.5-meter) yacht, available for $525,000 per week this summer, has a Lalique crystal bar and piano inside—and, naturally, a cinema.

4. Mischief. No list of superyachts of Oscar winners would be complete without Denzel Washington. He is not only a multi-Oscar nominee and winner, he’s a multi-charter guest. He and his wife Pauletta have been chartering for more than a decade, in fact. During that time, photographers have captured him aboard and around the 180-foot (55-meter) Mia Elise (now Mustique), the 205-foot (62.5-meter) Baton Rouge, and just last year, the 177-foot (54-meter) Mischief.

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