Check Out Mysterious Megayacht M5

Secretive superyachts are nothing new. In the case of the megayacht M5, plenty remains private. In fact, all that Vripack is revealing—or, perhaps, can reveal—are these interior glimpses. They come despite the studio additionally handling this explorer’s exterior styling, naval architecture, and mechanical engineering. Regardless, the owner’s conversations with the studio lend insight into the overall look and feel.

Interestingly, not even the shipyard constructing the 124-footer (37.7-meter) is public knowledge. But, you may soon agree that, at this point, it’s no matter. In fact, knowing that the megayacht M5 is meant for exploration puts plenty into perspective. (That exploration surely includes the owner’s native South America.) For instance, it’s no surprise that the owner and his family are intent on activity from sunrise to sunset. Their normal morning may start with yoga in the gym, before breakfast out on the aft deck. Both will refresh and refuel them in preparation for their real passion, kite surfing. In fact, M5 is custom-made for kite surfing, right off her transom.

Vripack M5 megayacht interior

This example highlights why the owner wants a seamless transition from daytime to night. It also highlights the desire for a beach-house-like ambiance. To start laying the foundation, literally, Vripack sourced a most-unusual material for her soles. It’s oak that previously lined the floors of New York City warehouses. “It immediately provides the yacht with personality which you can’t get by using a new material,” explains Marnix Hoekstra, Vripack’s creative director.

Speaking of personality, would you ever imagine seeing a rope-hung swing in a dining area (top)? Or a concrete and matte-black-painted steel staircase center stage on the main deck (above)? Similar to the day-to-night idea, the megayacht M5 further highlights interplay between light and dark. It’s a hallmark of Vripack designs.

With a 29’5” (9-meter) beam, the megayacht M5 additionally brings in natural materials like silks and wools. The family got a strong sense of how everything comes together due to Vripack’s use of virtual reality.

As for the yacht’s future reality, out on the water, well: We’ll all just have to wait.

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