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Superyacht Storytellers Lets You Publish a Private Book has a new sister company, Superyacht Storytellers. It specializes in creating custom-designed coffee table books for yacht owners and even the yachting industry. The goal is to let owners, yacht builders, yacht designers, and more share their extraordinary experiences with family and friends for generations to come.

“Our team works hand-in-hand with you to bring your oral history to life,” says Diane M. Byrne, the founder of Superyacht Storytellers (who’s also our editor and founder). Additionally, the design team will “make your photos, and memories, leap off the pages.” While consumers have numerous self-publishing options these days, most place restrictions on text and design. Furthermore, they require you order hundreds of copies if you want a custom look and feel. Superyacht Storytellers lets you order just one—yes, one—book, and will completely tailor the words and design. “We firmly believe that every yacht is as unique as her owner is, and your book deserves the same treatment,” Byrne adds.

For shipyards, design studios, and other industry companies, Superyacht Storytellers offers a few opportunities. “What could be better than a shipyard surprising clients with a book chronicling the build of their yacht?” Byrne asks. “There are also companies with 100-year-plus histories; their photo archives are remarkable.” Bringing those photos to light will let current and future customers better appreciate what they’ve accomplished, she adds.

To give you an idea of what you can commission, Superyacht Storytellers has a dedicated What We Do page. It outlines just a few of the possible options. For example, you can request the team create a traditional fabric-covered hard-cover book, in a portrait style. Or, you can get a stitched-leather cover, additionally imprinted and with an inset photo. Paper can be matte-finished or glossy. In addition, your book can be primarily photo-driven, or it can read like an adventure novel, still with plentiful pictures.

Do check out Superyacht Storytellers, including the blog and the social media channels.


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