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Superyacht Storytellers & Tahiti Private Expeditions Forge Partnership

Yacht owners and charterers seeking expert guidance for the best cruising and diving spots in Tahiti and other South Pacific islands turn to Tahiti Private Expeditions. In fact, it’s worked with more than 60 yachts. Sometimes, the company arranges extra, personalized services. For example, it can place a photographer or videographer onboard to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moments. Tahiti Private Expeditions has added another personalized service to its offerings: customized coffee table books, via a partnership with Superyacht Storytellers

Superyacht Storytellers writes, designs, and publishes coffee table books to help superyacht owners bring their experiences to life. The books allow owners to share memories with friends and family for generations, tailored to their tastes.

Similarly, Tahiti Private Expeditions tailors trips to clients’ desires and abilities. Some of the company’s clients include Aquijo, Askari, Dream, SuRi, and Seven Seas. It enjoys repeat business from some of these yachts, too. Furthermore, Tahiti Private Expeditions in the leader in the region for these VIP experiences. The company principals, Rodolphe Holler and Christelle Holler, have extensive, personal knowledge of the best cruising and diving locations. Their staff does as well. Plus, every trip is handled discreetly.

Under the new partnership, Tahiti Private Expeditions is making clients aware of what Superyacht Storytellers can do for them. “We’re pleased to offer Superyacht Storytellers’ services to clients who may have a special interest, such as celebrating a special event,” Christelle Holler explains. “We will give the company’s contact details to the client, so that they can discuss details directly.” In addition, Tahiti Private Expeditions will provide photos of the destination to augment the book, along with its logo, to ensure clients associate the travel memories with its team.

“We’re looking forward to working with the Tahiti Private Expeditions team,” says Beth Smith, co-owner and design director of Superyacht Storytellers. She adds that the company is “glad they appreciate our ability to offer the unexpected.”

Superyacht Storytellers is a sister company of

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