Kokomo Island, Private Fijian Retreat for Superyachts

PHOTOS: courtesy Kokomo Island Fiji To say Lang Walker enjoys the waterborne lifestyle is an understatement. For several decades, he’s developed waterside properties for business and enjoyed on-water activities for pleasure. In fact, he’s immensely enjoyed cruising aboard a few sailboats and sailing superyachts christened Kokomo. What better name, then, for a superyacht-friendly private island Continue reading

5 Reasons Norway Is Rising for Luxury Yacht Vacations

Yacht owners and guests increasingly seek destinations outside of the typical ports. Norway is among the countries benefiting. In fact, according to Superyacht Norway, which promotes the southwestern fjords and assists yachts on various fronts, visits rose 40 percent this past summer. As a guest of the organization in August, I received a first-hand education Continue reading