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President Trump’s Cuba Directive Doesn’t Affect Superyachts

On June 16, President Donald Trump signed a directive ordering new travel restrictions for Cuba. Despite stating that they would reverse restrictions eased by the Obama administration, he largely left current policy intact. In fact, the directive “will have no effect” on superyachts setting their sights on Cuba from American shores in the near future. Continue reading

Visiting France? Your Crew Will Have to Pay French Social Security

Come July 1, you and your crewmembers may have to start paying into the French social security system, even if you’re not French. It’s due to a new law. That law dictates that all crewmembers living in France for more than three months a year must contribute to the French social security system. This, regardless Continue reading

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Lauderdale Marine Center, USA’s 1st Duty-Free Yachting Area

Foreign-flagged megayachts for sale can legally welcome U.S. buyers aboard in one special area of Fort Lauderdale without paying import duty up front. In addition, new foreign-built megayachts can welcome American buyers there without paying import duty. The area is Lauderdale Marine Center, and it stems from being part of a new foreign-trade zone (FTZ). Continue reading