London to Monaco, a Ride for Ocean Conservation

Over the past two years, 150 people from across yachting have donned bicycle helmets and climbed aboard bikes to support ocean conservation. The initiative, called London to Monaco, has raised more than £570,000 ($750,000) for the cause. The annual ride is on again as you read this, raising even more money for four special conservation Continue reading

Support the Marlin Mission of Dorothea III

For seven years, the owner and crew of Dorothea III have been crisscrossing the globe. The cultural experiences from the Atlantic to the South China Sea and beyond keep them captivated. They especially relish helping local communities wherever they travel. In addition, they’re passionate about pursuing big fish, particularly marlin. So, what better than to Continue reading

YachtAid Global Donates to Dominica

Though the calendar reads March, children in Dominica remember Christmas fondly to this day. It’s because 355 toys and other gifts, plus hundreds more backpacks, arrived in time for the holiday. It happened through the coordination of YachtAid Global. And, it happened in just two weeks. Last fall’s hurricane season resulted in devastation the likes Continue reading