Fincantieri Signs Largest Yacht Since Financial Crisis

Most yacht builders have seen a drop-off in new contracts over the past year, so it’s not surprising to see a new contract heralded with fanfare. In the case of Fincantieri’s latest signing, however, there’s additional reason. The signing of Hull #6218 reportedly marks the first superyacht in excess of 80 meters (262 feet) commissioned since October 2008, shortly after the global financial crisis hit.

At the owner’s request, Fincantieri is not releasing renderings of the project at this time, nor many specifics about the design. The only details available are that Espen Oeino is the stylist, and both Alberto Pinto and Laura Sessa will contribute to the interior. A seawater-filled tender garage and six pools will be onboard, too. The shipyard says Hull #6128 will employ environmentally friendly technology and be quite high-tech overall, though again, no specifics are being given.

Construction will take place at Fincantieri’s facility in Muggiano, between Genoa and Pisa along Italy’s Ligurian coast. This is the same 120-year-old yard where the famed Destriero was built, along with about 400 other vessels and 100 submarines. It’s also where Fincantieri is putting the finishing touches on an unnamed 134-meter (440-foot) yacht, set for delivery this coming summer.

Given Fincantieri’s long focus on merchant and naval vessels, some people might have assumed that it would abandon the yacht market when the economy turned. Both the CEO and the chief of the yacht division say Fincantieri remains committed to increasing its share of the 70-meter-plus (230-foot-plus) realm, however.

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