ClubSwan 125, World’s Fastest Super Maxi: Update

Performance sailing superyachts attract owners who thrill to racing, while still indulging in luxury. Nautor’s Swan is building its first ClubSwan 125 for just this type of person. While the shipyard unveiled plans for the project nearly two years ago, it kept most details close to the vest. Recently, however, it released more, particularly in Continue reading

Black Shark, From Keel to Completion, Being Publicized

“The build process is often cloaked in darkness and secrecy, so on this occasion, we are enormously happy to be able to share our innovations and processes.” So says Holger Kahl, managing director of Nobiskrug. He’s speaking about Black Shark, the 253-foot (77-meter) megayacht whose keel laying took place just today. As much as that Continue reading

PHOTO: Marcel Coster/

Hakvoort’s Scout Seen on Sea Trials

Global cruising is within reach for the owners of Scout. The new Hakvoort set off on her initial set of sea trials last week. We finally have a good look at the nearly completed megayacht. Scout, built for cruising to distant shores, emerged into the public eye a few weeks before the holidays last year. Continue reading