Benetti Initiates Design Innovation Project: 16 Designers, 27 Megayachts

Several superyacht shipyards and designers are teaming up to present designs embracing fresh ideas, to generate interest in the continued down economy. Most are showcasing just one design, and several of them may reconsider their efforts upon seeing what Benetti has done. It has partnered with 16 design firms, a mix of up-and-comers and established artisans, to present 27 different megayacht designs. Furthermore, any of the 27 can be contracted and constructed.

Under a program called Design Innovation, Benetti approached each of the designers to gauge their interest in working together. Benetti left styling and interior arrangements up to each creative team to fashion as they wished, as long as the designs were based on the builder’s existing platforms. Those platforms range from 164 to 295 feet (50 meters to 90 meters, respectively) and have set beams and gross-tonnage levels. The “smallest” megayacht, for example, remains beneath the 500-gross-ton threshold, while the largest is beneath the 3,000-gross-ton level.

The designers who participated, all pictured above, are:

  • Axis – Horacio Bozzo Design
  • Bannenberg & Rowell
  • Marco Casali
  • Cor D Rover
  • Luiz De Basto
  • Luca Dini
  • Eidsgaard Design
  • Cristiano Gatto
  • Evan K. Marshall
  • Studio Massari
  • Nauta Yachts
  • Neo Design
  • Prima Design
  • PS+A Palomba Serafini
  • Quarto Stile
  • Design Studio Spadolini

All 27 designs were unveiled to the media, brokers, and others at a special event during the Monaco Yacht Show. The designers were stationed around a ballroom, next to video screens displaying their work. Guests could approach the designers and ask questions.

We’ll have individual articles on some of the standout designs in the coming weeks.

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