Ocean Marine Yacht Center, Clear Yacht Interiors Align for Refits

Ocean Marine Yacht Center is known for its megayacht repair and paint services. Now it’s adding interior outfitting to the mix, thanks to an alliance with Clear Yacht Interiors.

Based in Portsmouth, Virginia, Ocean Marine Yacht Center has been servicing megayachts to 235 feet at its 20-acre facility year-round for more than a decade (see “Shipyard Spotlight: Ocean Marine Yacht Center” for more specifics). As for Clear Yacht Interiors, the Connecticut-based company designs and/or constructs furnishings and other features for a number of owners and even shipyards. Recent projects include Mari-Chai III, when she underwent a refit (at Derecktor Connecticut) a few years ago, as well as Cakewalk, when she was constructed. Clear Yacht Interiors further is capable of metal manipulation and interior installations.

The partnership between Ocean Marine Yacht Center and Clear Yacht Interiors accomplishes a few things. First, it brings two eco-minded companies together. Ocean Marine Yacht Center has been using pressurized ventilation to reduce dust from paintwork and other labor, for example. Plus its marina is a designated “green marina,” preventing scraping and then flushing the remnants into the water. Clear Yacht Interiors’ chief designer and owner, Joyce Clear, is LEED-accredited. The two firms plan to continue exploring environmentally friendly avenues. Second, and equally important, Ocean Marine Yacht Center can now offer far more expanded services to clients. Clear Yacht Interiors is setting up a custom joiner shop at the yard, along with an area showcasing lighting, galley equipment, and more that can be put aboard yachts. It’s also creating an extra showroom of sorts by transforming one of the yard’s buildings into a long-planned crew lounge. All of the furniture and cabinetry will be designed and milled by Clear Yacht Interiors, and the design team will further select LED lighting and other materials for it. Any yacht that needs work can have these and additional materials onboard, too.

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