Oceanco Signs Another Mega-Size Megayacht

Shortly after the announcement that Oceanco is building its first-ever sailing superyacht, now comes word that it’s building not only its largest-ever motoryacht, but also the largest motoryacht anywhere in Holland.

The megayacht measures 361 feet (110 meters). No images are permitted to be released, according to Burgess, whose Technical Consultancy Services division is serving as the project manager and the owner’s representative. Only a few facts are available, too, including a displacement of 4,200 gross tons. The new Oceanco bears interior design by Sam Sorgiovanni Designs and styling by Igor Lobanov. Though not mentioned in the brief announcement by Burgess, we’re assuming Oceanco’s own in-house naval architecture department is also contributing, considering the shipyard developed a 110-meter megayacht technical platform more than a year ago and has collaborated with a few designers on concepts employing it. (We just featured one with styling by Nuvolari-Lenard on this site last week.)

One of the more interesting facts about the new Oceanco, from a technical standpoint, is the yacht’s anticipated compliance with the MCA Passenger Yacht Code (PYC). This allows megayachts carrying up to 36 guests to remain listed as private vessels, not passenger ships. PYC is also accepted worldwide as an equivalent standard to SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, and even the upcoming MLC 2006, which goes into effect next summer. PYC is also significant because many of the large megayachts these days are compliant with the MCA’s Large Yacht Code, a.k.a. LY2. Some are also being designed to comply with the upcoming LY3. PYC is actually stricter than LY3 in terms of its fire-safety standards. In brief, it requires different means of escape and the use of non-combustible materials for some furnishings and adornments, among other things. Suffice it to say that PYC requires more research and more problem-solving solutions on the parts of designers and shipyards. (Don’t misconstrue this to mean it’s “better” than LY3; it’s simply more of a challenge to meet, and it’s up to owners and their advisers to determine which standard is best for their needs.)

Delivery of the new mega-size Oceanco is expected in 2016.

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