Instill Fear in Fish With the Flycraft Stealth

If you or your guests enjoy fly fishing, you might pursue it on your cruises, but in a makeshift way. Some megayacht owners, for example, use RIBs as substitute flats-fishing craft, due to their far shallower draft than typical tenders. The trouble is, RIBs aren’t entirely suited to the sport. Enter Flycraft, which combines the shallow-water and lightweight advantages of RIBs with proper outfitting for fly fishing. In fact, its Flycraft Stealth is tailor-made for fly fishing, even endorsed by the sport’s top pros.

Made in the United States and sold around the world, the Flycraft Stealth comes from anglers dissatisfied with the market’s offerings. They wanted to explore more remote and even untouched waters, but couldn’t. The 12’6” (3.84-meter) length and 3’10” (0.95-meter) beam make the boat compact. Better yet, the boat draws only three to four inches (7.62 to 10.16 centimeters). Being just 98 pounds (without oars and the basket), plus having a forward grab handle, it’s easy to stow and launch. Amateurs and fly-fishing pros have taken the Flycraft Stealth out on streams, flowing rivers, and even the ocean. They report standing securely.

While you can go out solo, the Flycraft Stealth comes with two spring-filled seats that swivel a full 360 degrees. Aluminum oar locks are part of the overall aluminum frame, over five air chambers in the hull. For fun, the company also includes a standard mount for a GoPro camera.

The base price for the Flycraft Stealth is $2,995. If you upgrade to the Stealth Fisherman Package, you get several additional features at a $3,810 price point. These include two extra oars and a lightweight aluminum gear rack to hold a cooler or even a third seat, ideal for kids. Or, for a $4,605 total, you get the Stealth Motor Package. It includes some of the Stealth Fisherman options along with a Honda trolling motor.

Regardless of choice, each Stealth boat is backed by a three-year warranty.

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