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If sailing to far-flung places like Bora Bora, Indonesia, or Ascension Island intrigues you, keep reading. Oyster Yachts owners, as well as those who love the British builder’s sailboats and sailing superyachts, are invited to join the third edition of the Oyster World Rally, commencing in January 2021. The news comes while the second edition of this around-the-world rendezvous is still in full swing.

Oyster Yachts created the Oyster World Rally initially to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The feedback from that cruise, from 2013 to 2014, convinced the builder to turn it into a recurring event. In fact, Oyster Yachts lays claims to being the only builder organizing a circumnavigation on a regular basis. (Some builders in the production-boat industry organize long-range cruises, but not around the world.)

Interestingly, as mentioned above, you don’t need to own an Oyster to join. In fact, David Tydeman, Oyster’s CEO, says three pending or hopeful owners have already signed up for the 2021 to 2023 cruise. They include the buyer of the first Oyster 118, in build. Tydeman adds, “We already have over 50 families expressing interest in the next Oyster World Rally 2021-23, and a couple have even asked about the 2025 edition!”

The Oyster World Rally kicks off and concludes in Antigua. The route takes cruisers to the Galapagos and through the Pacific over to Australia. Everyone then ventures to Mauritius, South Africa, Ascension Island, and Brazil, before heading back up to the Caribbean. (For the full route, download the rally brochure.) To foster the sense of adventure that attracts participants, the Oyster World Rally includes abundant time at each destination to explore. In addition, it’s split into two parts. The first focuses on the Pacific, from January to October 2021. The second, from April 2022 to April 2023, centers on Asian waters and “the passage home.” Participants can choose one or the other, instead of doing the entire trip, if they so wish.

Regardless of choice, Oyster Yachts handles all planning and assists with preparations and logistics. These include customs and immigration clearances, provisioning, and shoreside support. Understandably, it also helps cruisers in need of spare parts or other maintenance.

One current Oyster World Rally attendee sees no reason to hesitate to sign up. The customer sent a note to all rally-goers last October, commenting on “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Even better: “The courage, kindness, generosity, fun, humor, and friendship that we have experienced has been awe-inspiring.”

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