First Mangusta Oceano 46 Sees Salt Water

As part of its ongoing expansion into steel-hulled displacement megayachts, Mangusta splashed the first Oceano 46 a few days ago. The hull may be the first in the 151-foot (46-meter) series, but she’s third overall in the Oceano series.

In fact, the first Oceano series delivery, the Oceano 42 Namaste, took place in 2016. Yet another Oceano 42 came out last year. The idea behind the whole series was pretty simple. As much as Mangusta buyers love the long, lean looks and swift speeds, some began asking for longer-range and more fuel-efficient cruisers. That convinced the Overmarine Group, the Mangusta brand’s parent company, to acquire a shipyard for metal construction in Pisa, Italy. It’s not far from where the composite Mangustas are manufactured, in Viareggio. The builder also tapped Stefano Righini for styling, which honors Mangusta’s maxi-open family feel while embracing more long-range-cruiser characteristics.

Mangusta Oceano 46 megayacht

Specific to the Mangusta Oceano 46, range should be about 4,000 nautical miles at the most economic cruise speed, around 12 knots at half load. A 16-knot top end at half load should result, too, from the twin 1,527-hp MTU engines.

Wherever the owners decide to cruise, the three-deck layout should delight the senses. In keeping with current trends, large glass along the main and upper decks enhances the views. Unfortunately, no details are available on the decor specifics for this first Oceano 46. Regardless, renderings on Mangusta’s website reveal wood soles combined with textured and reflective surfaces throughout. It’s an overall decidedly modern look, designed by Alberto Mancini. Accommodations overall are for a party of 12. Note that each megayacht is tailored to the owners’ choices in terms of layout and design materials.

While Mangusta prepares this first Oceano 46 for sea trials, it’s preparing yet another metal megayacht for launch. She’s the first Mangusta GranSport 54, a fast-displacement design. At 177 feet (54 meters), she’ll be the largest model thus far for the brand, too. And, of course, more Mangusta maxi opens are in build, with three set for launch before the end of the year.

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