WATCH: Exploris Yacht Globetrots 7,000 NM

If you’re going to globetrot, you might as well really globetrot. As in, be capable of cruising through ice-laden waters. And have a yacht capable of not just station keeping, but true dynamic positioning. Oh, and how does a range of 7,000 nautical miles sound? Gresham Yacht Design pledges it’s possible with Exploris, its 328-foot (100-meter) megayacht concept.

As much as Exploris is made for luxurious travel, she’s made for the adventurous travel growing in popularity in yachting. It starts with her naval architecture. Exploris features an inverted bow akin to a design called the X-Bow. This maximizes waterline length and therefore hull speed. It also has a wave-piercing effect in some conditions, further reducing pitching in bigger seas. Gresham Yacht Design additionally designed Exploris with an ice-class hull. The combination of her propulsion system, featuring Azipods, and her thrusters makes her capable of the above-mentioned dynamic positioning, too. (Her nearly 18-foot/5.4-meter draft means many marinas can’t accommodate her. But, the advantage of such a mega-size megayacht is being independent of shore for months at a time.)

Due to her potential passenger capacity, Exploris will meet Lloyds’ standards for the Passenger Yacht Code. She therefore will accommodate between 12 and 36 people in the owners’ party. You can arrive in style thanks to two helicopters, one of which can nestle below deck. “Exploris features a dedicated helicopter hangar that can house an Augusta Grand or EC135,” Steve Gresham of the design studio says. The certified helipad can then serve a larger Sikorsky S76, as you’ll see in the video.

The 59-foot (18-meter) beam puts commodious spaces at your disposal. These include an observation lounge fully forward on the main deck. These also include what Steve Gresham terms a “promenade deck,” directly above the bridge deck. It, too, has an observation saloon. It also has extra-wide side decks, for your group to gather on and admire approaching shores. A private owners’ deck, a 33-foot-long (10-meter-long) pool, and a hot tub are all aboard as well.

For fun, besides carrying custom tenders, Exploris can tote a Trident sub, a dive room (with a decompression chamber), and other toys. Clearing the tender garage creates quite a beach club.

Gresham Yacht Design is collaborating with Seymour Diamond to detail the interior.

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