PHOTO: Hai Linh Truong

Australia Pushing for More Megayacht Charters

As much as Australia attracts foreign tourists, it entices few foreign megayacht tourists. Tax regulations make megayacht charters there unappealing, according to marine-industry representatives. That’s according to study intended to show the federal government the importance of relaxing the restrictions. The Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) commissioned a study with the support of the Continue reading

Megayacht News Leadership Series: MaryAnne Edwards, Superyacht Australia

Megayacht owners and charterers increasingly want to visit far-off regions. It’s well documented, both anecdotally and statistically. You need only look at the number of yachts now cruising the South Pacific for proof. Further proof: Australia’s superyacht sector alone now reaps nearly US$200 million annually, with plenty of Americans responsible for that revenue. Unfortunately, it’s Continue reading