PHOTO: Bruce Johnson

A Hull of a Trip for the Brooklin 91: VIDEO

The biggest Brooklin Boat Yard build at present took a cruise this week. But, not the kind you might think. Actually, it was just her hull. Regardless, the Brooklin 91 ventured from her construction shed to her finishing shed. Brooklin Boat Yard subbed out the hull of the all-custom 91-footer (27.2-meter) to fellow Maine Continue reading

Brooklin Boat Yard 91 Set for U.S. Cruising

Springtime 2018 marks the delivery date for this custom 91-footer (27.9-meter) from Brooklin Boat Yard. The owner is a three-peat customer of the Maine yard. He has a particular penchant for performance, too. The yard’s management adds that his enthusiasm and knowledge overall are akin to those of professional yacht builders and designers. Because Brooklin Continue reading