Dream Symphony to Become World’s Largest Sailing Yacht

The 92.9-meter (305-foot) Eos, built in 2006, will only have about three more years to enjoy her rank as the world’s largest sailing superyacht. That’s because a contract was recently signed for the 141-meter (nearly 463-foot) Dream Symphony. Not only that, but she’ll be entirely constructed of wood.

If you’re wondering where such a yacht would be built, look to Dream Ship Victory, based in Turkey. Established in 2005, its focus is classic sailing yachts, built the classic way. The shipyard is teaming with Dykstra & Partners for naval architecture and with Ken Freivokh Design for styling and interior design for Dream Symphony. The two design teams famously fashioned Maltese Falcon, you may recall (a yacht which at 88 meters, or 289 feet, will seem dwarfed by Dream Symphony, hard as it is to fathom). They’re also already collaborating with Dream Ship Victory on another project, the three-masted, 65-meter (213-foot) schooner Mikhail Vorontsov, presently being fitted out in Holland.

As for Dream Symphony, construction won’t start until next year. However, it will be interesting to watch her take shape, and not just because of her LOA. Take a look at her lines at top: decidedly streamlined and rounded, versus the angular flare of many other sailing yachts. Also take a look at the close-up image of her superstructure just above: a more modern interpretation of ports, wouldn’t you agree?

Unfortunately, as of this posting, I have not received a reply to a request for details on the number of staterooms and other stand-out features. An update to come as soon as the information arrives.

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