Pendennis Christens Vava II, Rebrands Devonport Yachts

On the heels of christening the largest private motoryacht ever built in the UK, Pendennis is rebranding the Devonport Yachts facility in Falmouth.

Over the weekend the megayacht code-named P55 became formally known as Vava II. Measuring 96 meters (315 feet), Vava II is not just the largest motoryacht manufactured on British soil, but also among the largest of any type of private yacht ever built there. To put things into perspective, she exceeds the LOA of the 1930-build power yacht Nahlin, still afloat today, as well as that of the famed modern sailing yacht Mirabella V. Nahlin measures 91.4 meters (300 feet), while Mirabella V measures 75.22 meters (247 feet).

The owner of Vava II has requested that most details about the megayacht still be kept confidential. However, we can tell you that styling is by Redman Whiteley Dixon, and interior design is by Remi Tessier. In addition, Vava II will charter beginning next year, adhering to SOLAS regulations for large passenger ships, meaning vessels carrying 36 passengers or more. The rules govern things like damage stability and other safety matters.

In rebranding news, at the end of this month, Devonport Yachts will officially become known as Pendennis Plus. The goal is twofold. First, it emphasizes Pendennis’ ability to build and refit 60-meter-plus (197-foot-plus) megayachts. Second, it distinguishes the facility from Devonport Royal Dockyard, a naval-ship builder also in Plymouth. Devonport Royal Dockyard, owned by Babcock International Group, was a sister company of Devonport Yachts until 2010, when Pendennis acquired the yachting division.

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