PHOTO: YouTube

Vijonara: 15-Month Build in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Fifteen months doesn’t seem that long of a time when it’s captured in a three-minute time-lapse video. Pendennis takes you inside its build shed to see just how its recently delivered Vijonara took shape. A Truly Classic 128 that’s truly her owners’ vision, the sailing superyacht blends the best design and engineering details of classic Continue reading

PHOTO: Pendennis/Andrew Wright

Vijonara, a Truly Classic Truly Her Owners’ Vision

Hoek Design is particularly known for its Truly Classic yacht series. Pendennis, meanwhile, is particularly known for its custom yacht construction. Put the two together with ardent sailors who wanted a traditional atmosphere with some flair, and you get Vijonara. Recently delivered, she’s the second Truly Classic 128, and her owners’ latest passion project. Hoek Design Continue reading

G2 Going for It During 9-Month Refit at Pendennis

Making the entire sailing superyacht suit their style, the owners of G2 have a top-to-bottom makeover underway at Pendennis. The nine-year-old yacht will be far sleeker outside and more modern inside come hand over this summer. In fact, compare her new look above to her original lines below. G2 was originally the 128-foot (39-meter) Cinderella IV, Continue reading