Wider 125 Commissioned by Long-Time Charterer

Proof that seeing is believing, Wider is laying the keel for a Wider 125 following a meeting at last month’s Monaco Yacht Show. That is where Wider premiered its first megayacht, the Wider 150.

The owner of the Wider 125 hails from Northern Europe. Thus far, he has enjoyed life on the water solely as a charter client. Till Antonelli, founder and CEO of Wider, says that they’ve been in discussions for more than a year. “The client has looked at the market in detail,” Antonelli comments. “We are grateful to him for showing his faith in us to build his first yacht.”

Wider and designer Fulvio De Simoni created the Wider 125 to allow owners to enjoy the same advantages offered by the 150, plus the soon-to-come Wider 165. Specifically, those advantages are diesel-electric propulsion and space-expanding fold-down platforms. They also include additional features that other similar-size megayachts do not.

For his first yacht, the owner gets a fold-down balcony off the main-deck master suite, plus a gym in the suite. (An alternate arrangement for the Wider 125 swaps out the gym for an extra cabin, perhaps for staff.) Features further include a true beach club, not a tender-garage-turned-relaxation-space. (Toys get stowed in a dedicated hatch on the foredeck.) The beach club has three fold-down platforms to maximize usable space. The swim platform extends as well, revealing a plunge pool inside the beach club.

Also related to usable space, the diesel-electric propulsion system allows the four guest staterooms to occupy more floor space aft than is typical. Variable-speed gensets replace the engines, plus power the hotel load, making for a more compact, yet still accessible, engine room. They permit good range at different speeds, too. Wider expects the Wider 125 to see 3,400 nautical miles at 10 knots, and 2,600 nautical miles at 12 knots. The Wider 125 can cruise solely on battery power as well, thanks to a battery bank.

Since the owner of this Wider 125 is European, we expect he’ll opt for the interior layout placing the galley below decks. American buyers, rest assured: A main-deck option exists, too. Regardless of layout, the 26-foot (7.93-meter) beam is visually inviting, even more so due to floor-to-ceiling windows on the main deck. The Wider 125 also has drop-down bulwarks here, to enhance the views.

This Wider 125 is set for delivery in 2019. She could be joined by another Wider 125 in the coming weeks. The builder reports having a few promising ongoing negotiations.

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