HMY Superyachts Aligns With Ward Setzer

American megayacht buyers have another alliance at their disposal. Setzer Yacht Architects and the HMY Superyachts division of HMY Yacht Sales are leveraging their respective experience to support owners “from sketch to sea,” as Ward Setzer puts it.

HMY has long had extensive brokerage listings. But, it also represents new-build clients. Some of its brokerage clients end up becoming new-build seekers, too. And, it’s growing its presence in the megayacht market. “The company achieved great success in 2016 with multiple vessels listed and sold in the 100-foot plus category,” comments HMY’s owner, Steve Moynihan. Meanwhile, through his company, Setzer has done more than design projects for owners to take to builders or refit yards. He’s created series projects for specific shipyards. In addition, on behalf of both owners and builders, he’s been on site throughout various construction phases.

The two companies call their cooperation a client-oriented platform. “It became obvious that, in addition to helping owners of our past designs, that we also had developed a deep understanding of all the processes involved in unique yacht ownership,” Setzer says. “It was time to put this knowledge and energy to good use.” Several high-profile brokerage wanted to work with his studio, he adds. Ultimately, though, HMY Superyachts and Moynihan best suited his goals. “Together, we are creating a platform that will grow and support superyacht owners, providing real value through real knowledge gained from sketch to sea.”

The companies will focus on new megayachts from 100 to 200 feet (about 30.5 to 61 meters). Some will be exclusive new builds. Confirmed projects include the Vestal Series (above) from The Italian Sea Group. To bear the Admiral brand of the Group, the series includes three sizes. They’re all tridecks, too, targeted to U.S. and Latin American buyers. They also include the long-range cruisers comprising the Trident Series from Outer Reef.

HMY Superyachts and Setzer Yacht Architects will showcase these, and other, new projects at next week’s Yachts Miami Beach show.

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