Technohull RIBs: Life at 60-90 Knots

When a RIB manufacturer reveals the slowest speed a model can do is 63 knots, you know it’s serious about high performance. That speed is just one of the claims Technohull, based in Greece, makes about its seaDNA 999G5 model.

In fact, the RIB, which measures 33’8” (10.3 meters), can top out as blisteringly fast as 90 knots, according to Technohull’s testing at its Greek headquarters. Eight engine options (a mix of inboards and outboards, too) offer the speed flexibility.

That emphasis on speed has been Technohull’s focus since opening in 2005. The shipyard saw an opportunity to target megayacht owners who wanted fast tenders. Simultaneously, it saw an opportunity to provide buyers with super-fast day cruisers.

Speed just for speed’s sake often means sacrificing range. Technohull says the seaDNA 999G5 avoids that issue. For example, even with the most powerful outboards, twin 400-hp engines, the RIB can reportedly take you from Tuscany’s Argentario peninsula to Sardinia’s Porto Cervo in two hours. In addition, the same setup allows zipping from Naples to Capri in 20 minutes. To put the distances into perspective, the 400-hp engines permit a 70-knot cruise and the above-mentioned 90-knot max.

Technohull seaDNA 999G5 cabin version

If that’s just a bit too fast, consider the twin 250-hp outboards. Technohull says you’ll still enjoy a 50-knot cruise and 68-knot top end. To “slow” down even more, select twin inboards, to top out at 63 knots. No matter what speed you want, Technohull pledges that the deep-V hull handles well, keeping your crew in control. Helm seats are shock absorbers, too.

Speaking of control, you have some control over the RIB’s profile. Technolhull offers an open version, a “delta” version, and a cabin version. In the first (top), you’ll find a tradition V-shape bow seating area. You can step right onto shore, or onto your yacht’s swim platform, from the raised step at its center. The delta design replaces the forward seating with a large sunpad. Finally, the cabin version (above) encloses the bow and includes a double berth and head.

Aft, you have options, too. The seaDNA 999G5 offers a long settee, a U-shape settee, or a recessed sunning space with its outboard-powered versions. The inboard versions combine the long settee with the sunning space.

Regardless of configuration, the Technohull seaDNA 999G5 has a beam of 9’2” (2.8 meters). You can choose among black and white, black and orange, or white color schemes. You also get to opt for a galley sink and cooktop aft of the center console, fueling you for a full day of fun.

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