Arcadia FOR.TH: “Forward Thinking” Steel Megayachts

Arcadia Yachts is venturing forth into bigger-boat territory. Specifically, it’s introducing the Arcadia FOR.TH series, steel-hulled megayachts measuring 154 feet (47 meters).

FOR.TH signifies “Forward Thinking,” a nod to Arcadia’s philosophy of incorporating solar panels, as well as more glass and open space than expected. For example, for this megayacht, solar panels are embedded in the wheelhouse windows. It’s a bit of a change from the shipyard’s other models, where solar panels span the tops and sides of the glass-enclosed main deck. But, similar to her smaller sisters, the Arcadia FOR.TH pushes the house far forward, creating an expanse of alfresco lounging areas aft. In fact, you’ll find shaded dining, followed by seating and sunning spaces, all outside. The sunpads have removable backrests, too, to create additional seating. Altogether, the areas encompass 969 square feet (90 square meters).

That sense of space continues inside, in an open floor plan. Sliding doors aft can allow everyone to flow essentially effortlessly between the aft deck and saloon. Additional sliding doors to each side of the saloon yield side-deck access, further bringing the outside in. Yet another outside-in arrangement sits forward on the main deck, in the master suite. This time, though, the setup is a fold-down balcony.

Arcadia FOR.TH 47m megayacht

The Arcadia FOR.TH series comes in collaboration with Hot Lab Yacht & Design, which also designed the Arcadia A100+. Besides the above-mentioned arrangements, Hot Lab suggests multiple upper-deck configurations. For example, in one, a seating area with facing lounges complements a bar. In another, a dining area takes advantage of the elevation, and vistas through the full-height glass panes. In this instance, a dumbwaiter brings meals up from the lower-deck galley. Regardless, buyers will surely like how the full-height glass panes to each side slide open, tucking away into the bulkheads. Skylights brighten the ambiance as well.

From the sundeck, fitted with a hot tub adjacent to a bar, to the beach club/gym below, brightened by ports in the transom, the Arcadia FOR.TH puts plenty of amenities at guests’ disposal. The megayacht further puts four staterooms—two VIPS and two twins—at their disposal below decks.

Since Arcadia Yachts specializes in composite construction, it’s considering partnering with another shipyard with metal expertise. It’s even looking at shipyards outside of Italy. Whatever the choice, the Arcadia FOR.TH will remain beneath the 500-gross-ton threshold.

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