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Sail the Andamans During Carnival 2018

Asian waters are among the least-traveled in the world when it comes to yachting. And that’s part of the allure. If your itinerary allows, for a month starting in February, you can experience a first-ever yacht-specific Carnival celebration in the Andaman Islands of India. The Sail the Andamans Yacht Carnival & Rally has backing from tourism and government agencies, as well as Asia Pacific Superyachts.

The Andaman Islands is an archipelago of hundreds of islands, most of which are uninhabited. It lies in the Indian Ocean, far off the eastern coast of India. Specifically, the islands sit 851 miles (1,370 kilometers) off that mainland. Pristine beaches, scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling are the big attractions.

The Sail the Andamans event will introduce you to these, and more. The Ministry of Tourism, the Indian government, and the Andaman tourism bureau, along with the boutique-tourism company Andaman Holidays, are all organizing it. They, with Asia Pacific Superyachts’ assistance, want it to become an annual event, too.

Sail the Andamans Yacht Carnival & Rally for superyachts

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For this first Sail the Andamans Yacht Carnival & Rally, the festivities start on February 20 in Port Blair. This is the capital city of the islands. Port Blair is also where you’ll return on March 21. The city is accessible via superyacht from Phuket and via air from a variety of international destinations. The first few days are yours to enjoy on your own there. It’s notable for British-era colonial buildings, including the notorious Cellular Jail. Cellular Jail imprisoned hundreds of Indians starting in the early 20th century. Port Blair also still has World War II bunkers that the Japanese used.

The rest of the trip features a set itinerary. Day six, for example, you’ll get to visit a village near Port Blair where ancient customs remain alive. More cultural programs follow the next day, along with a special inaugural Sail the Andamans ceremony. Several dinners will introduce you to the flavors of the islands, too.

For nearly two and a half weeks, however, you’ll get to cruise around the islands. The timing is perfect. In fact, mid-January through mid-May offers sunny, warm days and, for you divers, some of the best diving conditions. Don’t dive? Don’t worry. Lush forests, quiet beaches, fishing, and more await.

The Andaman Holidays team is handling all customs and immigration clearances, along with registration overall. It can further arrange hotel rooms prior to the Sail the Andamans festivities officially kicking off. In addition, it can advise on the best places to dock and anchor. For full details and costs, email the dedicated Andaman Holidays yachting team

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  1. Could you give information on joining the 2018 Andaman Rally please we are a cruising motor boat that have travelled on the sail Indonesia rally then sail Malaysia rally and in Phuket at present
    Garry Simpson
    Boat Fiddler vi

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